A Bedroom to Rest In

Ok, I’m in full on freak out mode now. I have less than a week before the movers come and I feel like I am ahead and totally behind at the same time.

Before I go…

I’m trying to find time to enjoy some of California before I go, which has been hard with the fires and smoke. Yesterday I said screw it and went to the “dog beach”. That’s the name I gave this place, and it’s Ozzy’s all time favorite place to be. He got to run into the Pacific Ocean and we got to climb the dunes (which is a work out, let me tell you!) and it was a gorgeous day.

Fort Funston, San Francisco, australian shepherd, blue merle, sand dunes, pacific ocean, beach, west coast
Ozzy, salty and dirty in his happy place.

I love that place.

It’s such a beautiful place and not far from where I live. We are really going to miss this place so much.

I know it’s hard to tell in the pics, but the dunes where we hike are part of this cliff that just dangerously drops down to the beach. The sand is so soft and parts are so steep, your heart races not just from trying to climb up but also from the fear that you might slip and slide back down to the bottom! Or at least that is what it’s like for me.

Fort Funston, San Francisco, australian shepherd, blue merle, sand dunes, pacific ocean, beach, west coast
He’s impatient.

And now I need a nap…

We all know it’s no joke, getting a good night’s sleep is important, especially when you’re trying to combat stress. I admit I have not been sleeping very well for at least a month. I wish I could just skip ahead, past the packing, driving across the country with Ozzy, closing on the house, and unpacking it all. I just want to fast forward to the part where I can slide into my bed and get a good night’s sleep.

I’ve also been thinking about some bedroom ideas for the new house in NH, so it was perfect timing when All Modern asked me to put together a bedroom moodboard for them. You might not be moving like me, but as COVID continues to leave us spending more time than ever at home, it’s a great time to make the most of the space around us. What better space to refresh than the room that should be our most peaceful escape from the demands of the everyday.

(PS I am not getting paid for this, nor am I making any money from affiliate links on this one. I’m just sharing some ideas with you!)

I think you can go in so many different directions with bedrooms. For this one, I went with some soothing natural tones. I imagine having that beautiful rust velvet sofa at the foot of the metal bed, as a place to lounge and watch TV or play Words With Friends. The wallpaper has a fun pattern but in soft colors to just give the walls some oomph and dimension that paint just can’t do. The colors of the rug anchor the room and everything else you see spins off from those colors. The different materials add some character and texture, and I hope that you can feel the vibe I was going for here. Let me know what you think! I hope you feel like it’s a bedroom you can rest in.

You can click on each image to shop at All Modern.

Here are some other cool ideas from All Modern: 19 INCREDIBLY COOL MODERN BEDROOM IDEAS

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Love the wallpaper. Which is not something I usually go for, but this would look great! Happy to have you head back to NE! I wish I had a spot for that sofa too. In navy.


New England is exciting you are headed this way. Please bring avocados!


first..I don’t know why you are moving back East because it feels as though you literally just drove out West – but be that as it may – the East coast is very happy that you’re heading back here. Second, to sleep, perchance to dream. Who among us is getting a good nights’ sleep? But I could easily see myself getting one using some of these products – well done.

I also want that sofa and that rug!

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