A California Backyard

backyard renovation

If Bill and I had 2 kids instead of three, and if I were a gorgeous blonde and he wore T-shirts with words on them, this would be how I imagine we’d knock down a garage and create a backyard space in California.

backyard renovation
via Sunset Magazine

If I wanted to recreate this look, I might incorporate some woven pendants like the ones I saw at the Loews Sapphire Falls Hotel:

The lobby at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando

Maybe several of these could work:

wicker pendant light
click image to shop. #affiliate

 A pretty rug:

floral medallion area rug
click image to shop. #affiliate

And then a live edge coffee table and side table:

click image to shop. #affiliate

 Of course the swings are key here.

hanging porch swing
click image to shop. #affiliate

Of course, my dog is cuter, so he stays.

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I’m grinning because I know I look cute.

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Sadly, the one thing I can’t replicate is the gorgeous Venice, California weather but I wish I could.

Oh well, thanks for pretending with me!





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