I am. Drooling.  Totally in love over this. Do you see what I’m talking about?

Maybe the amazing light. Maybe the cool blue ceiling. But no.  How about now?

Are you seeing it? I am so intrigued. I want to make this so bad.  What, can’t tell yet? How about NOW?

Actually, I think I’d be kind of nervous.  I have 3 kids. A dog.  A husband that likes to read.  Hmmm. Still want.

Doubt I will ever get to make a floor to ceiling “house of cards” book tower, but Jamie Drake did and did it well.  Sigh.

All photos from HERE.  And if you click on them, they get BIGGER. YAY!

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Yes, I'm drooling! LOVE. I *just* changed around my books in a new format but I'd love to try this…

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