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Soaking in a bath tub sounds dreamy right about now. I am sitting here, all stuffed up with some germs I probably got going through Penn Station at rush hour last Monday. Maybe. Who knows. All I know is my face is clogged up, my body is achy and my throat hurts. My house smells like eucalyptus.

Unfortunately, the only bath tub is the one my girls use and if you saw what that looked like, you wouldn’t want to take a bath in it either! We are currently renting a house, so we are stuck with some old, outdated things, like the mauve and pink toilet and matching tub. The shower curtain matches the window treatment, and coordinates with wallpaper. I admit this appears to have been done nicely in the decade it was done… it was just many decades ago.

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I am kind of zoning out on cold meds, daydreaming about how I would make it over, and coincidentally eFaucets offered to compensate me for a post if I selected a couple of things to write about. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I get to select what I want to talk about, so let’s get started!

For just a quick fix, I could re-glaze the tile and tub, which could change the color. I would take out the shower curtain and add some glass. I like this swing door style here:

The euro-style below seems to be kind of popular lately. How do you feel about this with young kids, or sloppy teens? I’m not 100% sure I would recommend this one for a family. I also like to keep the warm air inside the shower/bath area, and I think this might make me use more hot water.


If I am sticking to the current bathroom set up, with a tub/shower combo, I think I would upgrade the shower head and faucet. And since I have to bathe a dog every now and then (and some of you might bathe little kids), a handheld comes in handy. I have always been impressed with Rohl faucets, and this one doesn’t disappoint. I am digging the French Brass color. (If you click the image you can check it out.)

This one by California Faucets has more of a rain head, and it comes in matte black, another still hot look that I think will be around for awhile.


Now my mind is wandering to the vanity area… What if I just swap the old one out for this? With the matte black over in the bath area, this vanity could be nice.

This Rohl faucet would look pretty sharp against the black stone top, don’t you think?

I suppose if I’m going to go that far, I might as well swap out the toilet. A chair height toilet is so much easier on the knees, and a flat tank lid is nice if you want to put something like a tissue box or a candle there.

I should find new wallpaper to tie into the mauve/pink color. (I’m back to pretending that tile is staying that color. I’m loopy tonight, I’m allowed!)

How about something like this?

Anthropologie, floral, Artemis Wallpaper

This one is pretty as well:

Ok, the meds are wearing off and my nose is running again. I wonder if I’m going to look at this post in a couple of days and think my daydream is kind of crazy. I get to makeover bathrooms in real life, but I’m sitting here, thinking about the one I can’t do anything about!

How many of you daydream about making over things in your house but never do it? Please don’t wait, if possible. Please promise me you will make smart investments that allow you to enjoy your home. I am still able to provide consultations to help you figure out how to get the most out of your money. If you’d like more info, feel free to shoot me an email.

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