I am trying to convince someone to paint a black feature wall in her living room. This has practically nothing to do with her living room other than the color, but OMG I love this black marble herringbone

Ok I couldn’t just pick one. Or two. I had to share a third favorite from @drummonds_bathrooms. This tub is sexy black with a nickel interior! But you can customize in several finishes, including copper. This tub in black with the stunning wallpaper and gorgeous faucet though…😍 So take a look at all three that I shared on Instagram and ❤️ the one you like best- and leave a comment about your choice! Of course if you want to ❤️them all, that’s fine too

Ah, you can never predict what kids will like, but you can try! Fingers crossed we get a 👍🏼 because I think this would turn out pretty cute. The ceramic elephants (under 30 bucks for all 3!!) and the mirror are available in my shop. Link in the bio

It was time for the faux to go. Goodbye caramel Venetian plaster, hello smooth and soothing gray-green. Goodbye 3 color wainscot, hello high gloss (almost black) green. A few small changes can make a big difference, don’t you think?