Thanksgiving season and dining rooms go hand in hand. Reflecting on some of my past work and being grateful for the opportunities (and the relationships) that have come my way. I wish I could show you all but so many jobs I didn’t get professional photos of, or even iPhone photos of (RIP blackberry keyboard phone). I think if I could get some good art and a good photographer and ring her doorbell, this awesome client might let me back in to shoot this dining room. Any other clients want to let me back in?

Planning… Someone said she needed some life in her dining room. Cut velvet chairs and this grass cloth wallpaper used in a special way might do the trick. This one will have to be built on bravery! Are you brave enough?

Seriously love my job. Can not wait to see how these shots turn out

You guys love playing the guessing game, so here’s another one. Which drapery fabric will be the winner?

Working with what you own doesn’t mean you have to have the same look you’ve always had. You’ll have to check back later to see what happens with this room