to July 1998 when two beautiful things were delivered to the Kohut family. One is now in college and the other has changed her looks but is still the most comfy couch ever

Last year I used this @brizofaucet in matte black in the kitchen and sometime this year I’m planning on this one in a new kitchen. Isn’t it so pretty? @icff_nyc

STRIPPED. Checking in on my 2 little chairs I rescued. They are in the ugly duckling phase

It’s Friday evening. Is anyone really looking at Instagram right now? Throwing a up just in case you’re looking

A close up of the @jffabrics fabrics and the @phillipjeffriesltd wallpaper in the cozy little den makeover. I found the 2 storage ottomans in the master bedroom and reupholstered them in @meredithheron’s @cryptonfabric and repurposed them here. The woven shades (and Woody) are the only original things in the room. Just need a tray and a few other things and then

PILLOWS! While I’m all about terrific fabrics and fillers, I do tend to keep my pillow designs on the simpler side, not a lot of embellishment like ribbon banding or tassels or the like. They do elevate the design but in my experience they are just not practical for my clients. All of my jobs are designed to be used by young families and messy adults who will use these pillows daily and put their feet up on the furniture. Sequins and beading just don’t hold up. Nothing makes me crazier than people who have things that guests and family can’t touch! Practical can still be beautiful though, like this metallic chenille I’m using. Of course if you want some fancy pillows, I can hook you up