Those who know me know I don’t lie! Bonus action shot of my littlest one when we were looking at the house in 2004

Originally, there was a wall right where the white sofa is (and another wall between the dining table and kitchen), and the walls were covered in dark wood paneling and floors had 30+ year old brown shag rug

You guys know I like to make over fireplaces, but the one I never did was my own. I had so many ideas for this room but never got around to making it the way I wanted, including the swivel chairs I bought off of FB but never reupholstered. 😑I wonder what the next owner will do here

Sometimes it can get overwhelming for a homeowner tackling a whole house renovation on their own and they just need a helping hand with some of the decisions. I am able to fill that role and provide guidance (and encouragement) as a consultant on the job, and stay out of the way for the messy parts. Sometimes that’s all a client wants. While I can’t guarantee the outcome would be as spectacular as it would if I had more control of the job, my consultations can definitely give enough information and sources (and bravery to try something new) to raise the bar several notches on a project. Of course others need more full service and attention to detail and I have done that, too. So what is happening here? A bazillion cabinets have arrived and pretty soon this will be a gorgeous kitchen/family room

It should be nice to walk into your home after a long day

Last year I used this @brizofaucet in matte black in the kitchen and sometime this year I’m planning on this one in a new kitchen. Isn’t it so pretty? @icff_nyc

@wcam23 if you ever wondered what happened to that mirror

A close up of the @jffabrics fabrics and the @phillipjeffriesltd wallpaper in the cozy little den makeover. I found the 2 storage ottomans in the master bedroom and reupholstered them in @meredithheron’s @cryptonfabric and repurposed them here. The woven shades (and Woody) are the only original things in the room. Just need a tray and a few other things and then

These @kravetinc drapes took a long time but they are up and look so pretty