Today I am bringing some color into beige/tan and black apartment. The fabric on the left is what is there already and the rug on right is how I’m going to tie the old with the new

Look what I got! These old ladies are going to get major facelifts

If anyone is following along, the mellow yellow was the winner for family room, but the blue was a serious contender

Seriously having a debate with myself over these chairs. They are such a bargain and I see a beautiful future for these two but I don’t have room to store them until I can give them a makeover. Sigh. I need a warehouse. What color would you like to see these in?

What a difference a year makes. What would you like to do in 2017 to make your home more suited to your lifestyle and personality?

It was a little over a year ago that I met someone who would end up liking my idea of a magenta sofa and this was born. The end