Is “smoky neutrals” a thing? Working on a window/wall/sofa combo, and I love the pairing of copper and this smoky charcoal blue for a tiny sitting room. What do you think?

Apartment living? Can’t change wall colors and have to live with some limitations? Don’t let it stop you from enjoying your home. Make it yours

Workroom visit. It’s always so cool to see the transformation in progress! These guys do such a great job

It’s a gloomy, chilly Monday and I don’t want to work today but I would be more excited to if I had a raging fire in a fireplace in a cozy office like this one I worked on last winter

Some of my clients know how I’ve been trying to raise awareness of matte black finishes. This @brizofaucet is a perfect example. I fell in love with this when I saw it in person at the @archdigest home show awhile ago and when I had the perfect client for it, it was a match made in kitchen heaven. The cabinet hardware is also matte black (even though the hardware on the island is rose gold). What do you think?

How about a before and after for your Friday pleasure?

In today’s episode of WTF: There’s so much wrong in this world right now, please stop adding to it. How many different materials does one need? I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in the picture, but the left side has a giant, dark wood stained siding, attachment with a second floor patio on top with white railings. The right side has what looks like vinyl siding and a dinky porch. The front has black railings coming from the underbelly of this monster and snaking up to a set of double doors, and then they top it off with white railings up top. Hopefully the chopstick thin wood stained columns can support the roof in the next storm. Top it all off with random stucco diamonds all over it and every kind of window you can find. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. (Can you imagine what the inside looks like??

More lovelies joining my new year makeover team isn’t the only team to make you feel good

Made you look! They look a little naughty when you first open the box, but these lights are actually a big, bold and beautiful addition to this kitchen