Those who know me really well know my love for green velvet. When I saw @studiom_’s living room I had to share it. This room has a lot of the things I keep saying will be on the most wanted list as we move away from stark white and gray decor. What do you think?

Ozzy always lands in my annual posts

Imagining my future office in the house I don’t own yet

Merry Christmas to me! Thank you @behrpaint for the gift! I can’t wait to look through @justinablakeney’s book and check out the color trends of 2018

When Pantone says the color of the year is ultraviolet and everyone starts posting all things purple and I’m like, where ya been?

So, late last night I started binge watching The Punisher on @netflix and I’m like OMG it’s C Thomas Howell and he’s a bad guy, but I’m also like OMG the interior design in this lady’s house and whoa did you see Ponyboy’s house? The high end interior design was definitely intentional and I definitely noticed @thepunisher

Tis the season. What are your favorite holiday treats? Booze and food, tell me

I am trying to convince someone to paint a black feature wall in her living room. This has practically nothing to do with her living room other than the color, but OMG I love this black marble herringbone

Thanksgiving season and dining rooms go hand in hand. Reflecting on some of my past work and being grateful for the opportunities (and the relationships) that have come my way. I wish I could show you all but so many jobs I didn’t get professional photos of, or even iPhone photos of (RIP blackberry keyboard phone). I think if I could get some good art and a good photographer and ring her doorbell, this awesome client might let me back in to shoot this dining room. Any other clients want to let me back in?