Thanksgiving season and dining rooms go hand in hand. Reflecting on some of my past work and being grateful for the opportunities (and the relationships) that have come my way. I wish I could show you all but so many jobs I didn’t get professional photos of, or even iPhone photos of (RIP blackberry keyboard phone). I think if I could get some good art and a good photographer and ring her doorbell, this awesome client might let me back in to shoot this dining room. Any other clients want to let me back in?

Some great options that might encourage you to sleep in late on the blog today

In a sea of gray and brown, something stood out

Ok I couldn’t just pick one. Or two. I had to share a third favorite from @drummonds_bathrooms. This tub is sexy black with a nickel interior! But you can customize in several finishes, including copper. This tub in black with the stunning wallpaper and gorgeous faucet though…😍 So take a look at all three that I shared on Instagram and ❤️ the one you like best- and leave a comment about your choice! Of course if you want to ❤️them all, that’s fine too

I’m making this my pic because it’s my insta and I can do whatever I want @tineketriggs ・・・ Green with envy

When you start working on a project and things get discontinued before you can show the client