When you’re supposed to be working on getting the house ready to put on the market, you shouldn’t sit down and just mindlessly stare at nothing

If you look deep into the crystal ball(s) you would know that this foyer light doesn’t need to be big to have presence

The vintage green chairs are getting gutted, redesigned, and reconstructed. Even though they are getting a leopard print, they will still be neutral enough to work in many homes… in case anyone is interested in purchasing them

You can have a beautiful home that is also comfortable and practical, as well as personalized just for you with just a little bit of effort. Even if it’s just a couple of new custom made pillows

Countertops. Some people love double triple ogee edges and maybe that works for them and in some homes I might even recommend it because it is meant to be there. But in many homes a straighter edge fits the house better and will still look “right” several years down the road

What’s new on my website? A place to shop this look as well as lots of other pieces that help make a house your home https://shop.christinekohut.com/curated/shop-event

Capturing the pro doing her thing

Never seem ready for photo shoot day. Let’s hope I can pull this off

It was probably not a good idea to book a photo shoot 2 days before Mother’s Day. There were not enough good flowers anywhere! So I overpaid for these peonies (and probably spent more in gas money driving all over the place for pretty stuff) and they better still look good tomorrow