Those who know me really well know my love for green velvet. When I saw @studiom_’s living room I had to share it. This room has a lot of the things I keep saying will be on the most wanted list as we move away from stark white and gray decor. What do you think?

When you start working on a project and things get discontinued before you can show the client

Originally, there was a wall right where the white sofa is (and another wall between the dining table and kitchen), and the walls were covered in dark wood paneling and floors had 30+ year old brown shag rug

My house goes on the market in 3 days. Growing up as a military brat, I’m always excited about new adventures and moving to new places. Still, this is the longest I’ve ever lived in one home and this one will have a special place in my heart. What’s the longest you’ve lived in one house?

19 years old and it’s still the most comfortable thing in the house. One more year and we can call it “vintage

Makeover Monday: the animals have changed a little.

Monday got me like… 😴 3am sick kid wake up calls, closets to clean out and paint, bookcases to pack up, wall colors to change. This room (and my closets!) should look a little different by the end of the week