Paint does wonders. Just pick the right color (or hire a professional to do it for you

When you get home after a long day and you see your work getting lots of insta love…💚 Thanks for sharing and reminding me of how much I loved this kitchen, this job, this client @tilebar ・・・ Divine combination of our Pearl Tile and green cabinets by @christinekohutinteriors via @jacob_tilebar

You guys know I like to make over fireplaces, but the one I never did was my own. I had so many ideas for this room but never got around to making it the way I wanted, including the swivel chairs I bought off of FB but never reupholstered. 😑I wonder what the next owner will do here

Alright Monday, let’s do this.

Makeover Monday: the animals have changed a little.

Remember the little chairs I rescued? They have had their Princess Bride moment

Case study in making the best with what you have. Using kids’ art and old furniture and making a subtle change to the wall/ceiling color, and I think this room is ready for prospective buyers

This is like Frank’s Red Hot for the house, I put this (beep) on everything