When you get home after a long day and you see your work getting lots of insta love…💚 Thanks for sharing and reminding me of how much I loved this kitchen, this job, this client @tilebar ・・・ Divine combination of our Pearl Tile and green cabinets by @christinekohutinteriors via @jacob_tilebar

Seeing lots and lots of pinks and bright colors from all my friends visiting High Point Market this year. Good to know

Craftsmanship and service. Custom fit to the nooks and crannies makes all the difference

Finished the day on a brighter note. Chandelier is up at. This was an hoursssss long project getting all the crystals hung on this piece (and the foyer light) and we were a two woman team. Wine may or may not have had an effect on the pace

Good things come to those who wait. And who work their ass off. What a great way to end the week

I can definitely imagine myself in a house like this. Would you paint your house black? @benjaminmoore

This week is teaching me a major lesson in patience. Or it’s testing my patience. Either way, every day is like Christmas Eve combined with Groundhog Day (the movie). You know exciting stuff is going to happen tomorrow but when you wake up you realize you have to wait until tomorrow…again. And again. It’s exciting and frustrating. This wallpaper is one of those things @jffabrics @meredithheron