Ozzy always lands in my annual posts

When Pantone says the color of the year is ultraviolet and everyone starts posting all things purple and I’m like, where ya been?

If you look deep into the crystal ball(s) you would know that this foyer light doesn’t need to be big to have presence

I can’t feel my feet today but I think it was worth it

Capturing the pro doing her thing

Never seem ready for photo shoot day. Let’s hope I can pull this off

It was probably not a good idea to book a photo shoot 2 days before Mother’s Day. There were not enough good flowers anywhere! So I overpaid for these peonies (and probably spent more in gas money driving all over the place for pretty stuff) and they better still look good tomorrow

Originally not part of the reason they hired me, the stairs and foyer became part of the project and the result really was worth it

Is Makeover Monday a thing?

Craftsmanship and service. Custom fit to the nooks and crannies makes all the difference