Ok ok to make up for the kitchen earlier, here’s a sneak peak of something I worked on. Maybe you can point out the things that are RIGHT in this picture! No upside down cabinets here. One of my favorite things was the antique mirror in the doors

Those who know me know I don’t lie! Bonus action shot of my littlest one when we were looking at the house in 2004

Originally, there was a wall right where the white sofa is (and another wall between the dining table and kitchen), and the walls were covered in dark wood paneling and floors had 30+ year old brown shag rug

When you get home after a long day and you see your work getting lots of insta love…💚 Thanks for sharing and reminding me of how much I loved this kitchen, this job, this client @tilebar ・・・ Divine combination of our Pearl Tile and green cabinets by @christinekohutinteriors via @jacob_tilebar

This is like Frank’s Red Hot for the house, I put this (beep) on everything

Planning… Someone said she needed some life in her dining room. Cut velvet chairs and this grass cloth wallpaper used in a special way might do the trick. This one will have to be built on bravery! Are you brave enough?

Tropical Storm Cindy is coming up the coast, bringing rainy days that will create muddy paws, who are no problem here, since I used @cryptonfabric throughout this project. The dining chairs, the bench, the seats and pillows next to the fire, and even the chairs in the living room are covered in fabric that resists stains and are easy to clean. Having a home that looks good and can hold up to pets and family life is a winning combination

Sometimes it can get overwhelming for a homeowner tackling a whole house renovation on their own and they just need a helping hand with some of the decisions. I am able to fill that role and provide guidance (and encouragement) as a consultant on the job, and stay out of the way for the messy parts. Sometimes that’s all a client wants. While I can’t guarantee the outcome would be as spectacular as it would if I had more control of the job, my consultations can definitely give enough information and sources (and bravery to try something new) to raise the bar several notches on a project. Of course others need more full service and attention to detail and I have done that, too. So what is happening here? A bazillion cabinets have arrived and pretty soon this will be a gorgeous kitchen/family room