Imagining my future office in the house I don’t own yet

I am trying to convince someone to paint a black feature wall in her living room. This has practically nothing to do with her living room other than the color, but OMG I love this black marble herringbone

In a sea of gray and brown, something stood out

Ok I couldn’t just pick one. Or two. I had to share a third favorite from @drummonds_bathrooms. This tub is sexy black with a nickel interior! But you can customize in several finishes, including copper. This tub in black with the stunning wallpaper and gorgeous faucet though…😍 So take a look at all three that I shared on Instagram and ❤️ the one you like best- and leave a comment about your choice! Of course if you want to ❤️them all, that’s fine too

When you start working on a project and things get discontinued before you can show the client