DECISIONS. Can’t decide which print I want to use with this solid fabric on a pair of chairs. What do you think will be the winner?

Playing around with some ideas for a tucked away corner

Today was a day of charcoal colored installations. One was a giant sectional in NH and one was a herringbone large scale tile in NJ. And all was happening while I spent the day far away from both jobs in court coughing up my cold germs all over everyone

Yeah, it’s but it’s also time! What do you think, @discoverzephyr?

Before: all the lights were on. After: only natural light. Funny how different the room looks

Day off from jury duty= scrambling all over the place to catch up on the week, including a stop to the stone yard to select a really pretty piece of marble for a fireplace hearth

When the shop you need to pick something up from opens at 10am but you thought it was open at 9am and you think you’re being respectful by not being the first one in the place as they are flicking on the lights but you actually show up too early but not with enough time to go anywhere else so you have to wait and then you’ll be the first one in while they are flicking on all the lights, you might kill time and play with your images and make something pretty. Or not