Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Hopefully you aren’t burning the candle at both ends!

I feel like, between this never ending winter (hello, Mother Nature, today is the first day of SPRING, get on your game!!) and all the busy busy busy-ness we all have going on, that many of us are burning our wicks down.

I’m sure we could all use a moment of calm, right?

I also think spring is a great time to throw open the windows for a little bit and let that fresh air in, but we can’t because it’s SO COLD and snowy outside. I’m writing this ahead of the 4th nor’easter in less than two months, and I’m dreading the forecast we have: now up to 18 FREAKING INCHES OF SNOW.

ozzimusprime ozzy snow storm nor'easter
Ozzy might be the only one excited about this news.

So yeah, I won’t be able to throw the windows open for awhile.

My house feels a little stale. I do cheat and crack the windows in my bedroom and bathroom, and even my kitchen for an hour or two, but I can’t wait until all the blossoms start to cover the trees and that fresh smell wafts in through wide open windows and makes my house feels clean and airy again. That is until I have to close them because the pollen will practically kill some of my family members. Ah, spring.

In the mean time, I’ve rounded up some Voluspa candles for you. I love this brand, they have some of the prettiest scents, and the loveliest packaging. There are many delicious, gorgeous brands of candles we could talk about, but I think that for a little “luxe” touch, this brand provides a great smell in a great package, and the price is fairly reasonable. Isn’t this new color so pretty?

volupsa casa pacifica shop shopping gifts shopstyle design ninja #designninja

After you finish the candle, you can reuse the glass jars for little trinkets or jewels on your nightstand or dresser, or paperclips on your desk, or maybe even to plant a succulent or two in. Or even as a votive holder later on.

Take a look at some of my favorite picks. You could go for one of those gift boxes with several different candles at once, so you can try a bunch of scents and know you’ll love springing for a larger size candle that you will enjoy. I actually like the little votive sets because I can spread them around the house without breaking the bank.

I think that just having a fresh smell in your house will help you feel a little better about this endless winter, and maybe even help you relax while you enjoy this little touch of luxury. At least that is what I’m hoping for myself anyway.

Have you tried Voluspa candles? What is your favorite scent? Is there another brand you’d like me to feature in the future?

{{Since you might click on the following images and/or links, it is a good time to tell you that I may earn a little money if you click and make a purchase. There’s no extra cost to you, so have fun!}}



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Oh I need some sun so much right now. I may be pale blue but I struggle with dark days and rain. As for candles I have quite an addiction, maybe I can add Voluspa candles to the rota!


VOLUSPA makes some pretty interesting candles have tried them myself and they smell wonderful. I feel the same about spring being so freaking late this year – I am running low on Vitamin D and need to replenish ASAP!

Jumi Awomosu

I luuurve candles… I haven’t tried this but i bet they smell divine!

Jumi Awomosu

I LOOOOOOOVE candles I haven’t tried these but I bet they smell divine!!


These look beautiful, the packaging looks perfect for re-using after the candle is burned out too.


What a gorgeous selection.Lovely colours.
Your dog is super cute! Love him x

Tamsin Allen

Pretty colours and love the jars. As you say, they are perfect for reusing afterwards.

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