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It’s the middle of December in New Hampshire. Which means it’s cold outside, especially after living in California for a year! I am not loving these short, gray dismal days of winter after being spoiled with such mild weather. I know, I know. I complain a lot. I even wrote about the winter blues HERE awhile ago and I’m cracking myself up about how much of a baby I’ve been in my “later years”. It’s hardly snowed here. YET.

Cozy snuggles are the best

Ozzy is the best little heater for when I want to snuggle and he loves being all cozy, burying himself in my window seat pillows in my new office that I finished for the One Room Challenge.

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But there are days when I just want to stay in my new bed, buried deep under the covers, between my amazingly soft percale sheets.

BTW one of my most popular posts was about how to get soft and smooth sheets. You can read about it HERE.

I bought all new mattresses when I left New Jersey, thinking that my three daughters are all adult size and my visiting guests are probably not happy sleeping in super old full sized beds when they come to see us in California, so I got queen sized Saatva Classic mattresses and they were dreamy.

When we moved to New Hampshire, I suddenly had a stupidly large bedroom and I needed an extra mattress for another bedroom, so I decided to put my queen mattress in there and upgrade to a king sized bed. All my friends have been laughing at me that I’ve always had such a small bed for almost 30 years of sharing one with my husband. Now I feel like a real grown up.

The queen mattresses that I got were the “luxury firm” which is like nice hotel level, not too firm not too soft. For the king sized bed, my husband said he’d like a little firmer of a mattress so I went with the “firm”. If you aren’t sure what you’d prefer, they have the best customer service. Enjoy free white glove delivery, 24/7 customer support, and 180 nights to try your Saatva mattress in the comfort of home, or they will refund your money. SERIOUSLY.

They also offer other types of mattresses, including their Loom and Leaf ultra-premium memory foam, or an all natural and organic latex hybrid mattress, as well as adjustable bed mattresses and their 100% natural latex in the Zenhaven line. There are more options for youth and even for people with bigger body frames. They’ve kind of thought of everything and everyone!

And they’re celebrating 10 years, so there’s a big anniversary sale that is ending soon. If you’re considering a mattress, check them out!

Back to the sheets

Now that I have a bigger bed, I needed new sheets. After learning all about the qualities of percale sheets (and tell you all about it if you go read it HERE), I knew that is what I wanted.

Sure sure, it’s winter, what about deliciously snuggly flannel sheets? I know a lot of people like them for this time of year, but, well… while I don’t think I’m full throttle into hot flashes and stuff, it’s possible I’ve been running a little hot when I sleep.

hot flashes, ee cards, Christine Kohut Interiors, #CKdesignninja, soft and smooth sheets, bedding, thread count, percale, flannel, blankets, bedroom

Plus I prefer something a little smoother. Flannel sometimes works like velcro and when you toss and turn, it can pull your pajama pants down! I’m not saying how I know this, but trust me. Same with flannel pjs, but they are super cute. I mean, who wouldn’t love a set of flannel pajamas with doggies all over them?

Sidetracked, as usual

Okay, sheets! So back to what I was saying. Percale, baby. That’s now my go to. All cotton for me. Some like linen too, but I just haven’t used them. No poly-synthetic-whatever mixed in. Just cotton. Thread count does matter, but it’s they way those threads are woven that mattress more. The thread count is the actual number of threads or strands of yarn in one square inch of fabric.

Some people think getting a high thread count sateen sounds nicer than a lower thread count percale. It’s kind of a trick. The difference between sateen and percale is HOW they are woven. Do you know what warp and weft are? If not, here’s the simple explanation: Basically they are the directions of the threads in a woven fabric. Warp is the length, weft is the width. Look at this image below.

#CKdesignninja Christine Kohut Interiors, flannel sheets, thread count, warp and weft, soft sheets, hotel bed, boll and branch, duvet, pillows, sheets, king size bed, mattress, organic, fair trade, buffalo check, percale, sateen, bedroom, interior design, bedding

A sateen weave is created by weaving 4 threads over 1. The sateen weaving method produces fabric 4 times faster, thus 4 times cheaper than a traditional percale, or balanced weave. Percale has the same number of threads are woven in both the length direction and the width direction. A sateen sheet that claims a thread count of 400 will have 80 threads in the length direction and 320 threads in the width direction. A 400 thread count percale sheet will have 200 threads woven together in each direction. 

The difference is profound.

It’s also worth noting that even though a sateen might feel softer on the first day, over time, that long weave starts to break down. Those little breakdowns can cause a rougher feel. Pilling can happen. Worse, small holes and tears can happen. Over time, you’ll be replacing them sooner, spending more money, so there’s that too. A percale will age better. The weave is more durable and causes less shrinkage. And the cotton just gets softer over time.

Fancy, right?

Well, you can actually find reasonably priced percale sheets just about anywhere. You can also splurge a little and get some higher quality sheets that are going to give you a luxury hotel feel. There are some crazy expensive, super high end brands out there if you really want to treat yourself, but with Ozzy also jumping into my bed all time, I just wanted good quality, long lasting, and easy to clean sheets. Boll and Branch sent me a set of their tailored sheets to try and OMG, I’m in heaven.

#CKdesignninja Christine Kohut Interiors, flannel sheets, thread count, warp and weft, soft sheets, hotel bed, boll and branch, duvet, pillows, sheets, king size bed, mattress, organic, fair trade, buffalo check, percale, bedroom, interior design, bedding, flannel robe, gift ideas
Oh, I got a flannel robe too, so I can be cozy when I get out of bed.

These are super crisp and smooth, and get better after each wash. The extra deep fitted corners make it so much easier to make the bed. No popping off one corner when you’re pulling the opposite corner over the mattress. That used to be such a workout!

Their sheets are 100% organic cotton, ethical production, and meticulously hand-finished with close attention to detail. Boll and Branch was the first linen manufacturer to receive the Fair Trade Certified tradmark and their focus on doing what's right for farmers and factory workers makes them extra special in my book. Things like this matter!

And that’s not all folks!

They have all sorts of bedding, including, yes I know, FLANNEL. Listen, I love it but I can’t sleep in it. LOL. But theirs is so good.

They have duvet covers, luxurious towels and bathroom items, pillows, mattresses, and gifts as well. I love my bathrobe. All of it gets delivered in such beatiful packaging, so if you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, it’s basically already gift wrapped! They are still offering delivery before Christmas if you order in the next few days.

I am now writing at 4:45pm and it’s pitch black out. I am still in need of an actual headboard but even with my ugly bedroom, the bed itself is so cozy and comfortable, I just get excited to get in bed now. I have to fight the desire to do it at this time of day though!

Are you happy with your bed?

If not, I hope I gave you some info and inspo and maybe you’ll get yourself something nice to sleep in soon!

While I received products for this post, the opinions shared are completely my own. 

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Love my King size bed! We’ve been looking for a new mattress for a while now. Our Sleep Number turned out to be the worst mattress & about 15 years old…time for something new. Both sides sink and have to be re-inflated often. Thank you for the recommendation and good to know you can try them out for awhile. I’ve heard all great things about Boll & Branch too.


You finally got a King!!! And I need these sheets. Thanks for the tips!


Very informative and easy ( not to mention entertaining) to read. I love how you make it effortless to click and shop AND find your previous posts that always make me laugh. I’m buying these sheets in the near future for sure!

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