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I had some fun last week. It was purely a major way to distract myself from my actual responsibilities of the day/week/month. It was also a challenge to refresh some skills I have let fall to the wayside.

A very close friend asked me to design a t-shirt for his team. In less than a week. Oh, and please include these certain features. In less than a week. And in a certain digital format. In less than a week.
Softball theme. Girl. Include certain words.
This is the first one I did:
Okay, but not what he was hoping for. Girl swinging a bat would be better. Oh, and please include home plate. Hmm. Maybe this?
Warmer. Some things still off. Tried moving the words and changing the color. I liked the “2010” on the angle in the ball. Thought that would work.
Then my husband pointed out the plate is the wrong shape. UGH! And another request: change the batter so that she is not facing that way, remove the little ball she’s hitting and make it look like she’s hitting that big ball. Less than a week now.
I still liked this girl:
but tried editing the other one:
But it wasn’t working out. Maybe something new?
Not sure about it, seems so plain. Hmm. What about this? I got the plate right!
Well, now the softball player seems too small! Is that image too busy? And now I’m pretty much out of time, because I had actual WORK to finish and had to stop procrastinating on it and focus! Okay, okay, one more, I say. And that’s it. This copy has some weird lines around it, but I think they are cleaned up in the final version.
And that’s all I had time for. I sent them all to my friend and I don’t know which one, if any, he chose. I’m waiting to see.
Which one do you think he picked?
I will post the verdict soon!
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