Designhounds Blogtour KBIS 2018 visits The New American Remodel

The Designhounds Blogtour for KBIS 2018 hit the ground running, and the first stop was at The Next American Home Remodel. We toured this 1930’s home just outside downtown Orlando, Florida just as the sun was setting, creating a beautiful glow.

Designhounds in Orlando
Blogtour Models Sharon, Mary and Carmen

You can see a larger view of the kitchen we talked about on Instagram. Thermador, one of our sponsors and a sponsor of this showhouse, was definitely the star of this kitchen.

Oh hello, hot stuff!

You can see how the room opens to the family room, and that opens to the outdoor living room. Totally built for entertaining!

The built in coffee machine was a favorite of mine, shown here with an oven and warming drawer.

The way the refrigerator was hidden behind cabinetry with touch to open and automatic close was pretty fancy. I know that in my house I’ve come into the kitchen about 10000000x to see the fridge door left just cracked open, as people assume it shut when they walked away, so this feature actually is ideal for families like mine.

A separate freezer and refrigerator flanked the wine refrigerator.

But why stop there, when you can have an under counter beverage drawer?

via The New American Remodel

The outdoor area was one favorite with a nice outdoor living room, pool, and the killer grill space.

The floors in the house were interesting, don’t you think? A mix of tile and wood, warm and cool.

There were a lot of different patterns going on, like the dining room and foyer.

And then the office had yet another wood pattern!
The office work area was a favorite, with the quartz desktop providing a nice big space for two people to work and lots of storage space.

The master bedroom faces the back yard and has a nice sitting area. I guess ceiling fans are a must in Orlando, Florida!

via The New American Remodel

The master bath with the soaking tub got a lot of attention. The Blogtour group were buzzing around like bees throughout the house.

So here’s a professional shot from the other angle. You can see the bedroom and the closet beyond.

via The New American Remodel

The closet went on for days!

It’s amazing how fast they put this house together, so that it could be presented this week. Those of you who have experienced a whole house remodel know it can take much longer than 12 months start to finish!

If you’d like to see the process and learn more about this home including the energy efficiency and the important stuff behind the walls as well as the pretty pictures, check out The New American Remodel.

I got a lot of feedback on that hood, so I’m sure you all have something to say about this house! What do you think? What do you like? What would you do differently?





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Oh my what a gorgeous gorgeous place to live!!! I sbsolutely love the bedroom and the colours used are simply stunning…

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