The Design Ninja

Christine Kohut of Christine Kohut Interiors was dubbed the Design Ninja a few years ago by a client and the nickname stuck. She honed her ninja skills while creating stylishly comfortable spaces for her clients, believing that there is an art to making a house your home. She has the ability to inject her clients’ personalities into their surroundings, focusing on the way their homes feel in addition to how good it looks, while featuring items and materials that are beautiful yet practical, luxurious yet realistic, tasteful but not too serious. She is known for her humor as much as her decorating sense, which are showcased in her social media.

She has had her work featured in various trade magazines as well as HGTV, and even did a design challenge for Nate Berkus  on The Nate Show. Recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. As an avid learner of the latest technology and trends in design, she enjoys being able to share her finds through her blog and Instagram, Facebook page, and especially as a Modenus Design Hound.

A dedicated wife and mother of three daughters, she spent over 22 years in NJ raising her family and making homes beautiful before moving to the Bay Area of California for one year and then back across the country to settle in New Hampshire (for now). 

Her life is filled with creativity, comedy, her design assistant dog, Ozzy, as well as a little bit of chaos and occasional colorful language, which is sometimes documented on the blog. 



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