The Design Ninja

Christine Kohut of Christine Kohut Interiors was dubbed the Design Ninja a few years ago by a client and the nickname stuck. She honed her ninja skills while creating stylishly comfortable spaces for her clients, and is known for sneaking in things that they never would have expected, but absolutely loved in the end.

Believing that there is an art to making a house your home, CK focuses intently on her clients’ distinct personalities and needs to bring comfort, luxury, and happiness into their surroundings in ways that reflect the unique people who live there. Her attention to detail changes the way their homes feels in addition to how good it looks and how well it functions.

Her designs feature items and materials that are beautiful yet practical, luxurious yet realistic, tasteful but not too serious.

CK has had her work featured in various trade magazines and websites as well as on HGTV and Nate Berkus’  The Nate Show. Recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. CK is a Design Ambassador for select brands and has been a Modenus Design Hound for several years.

As an avid learner of the latest technology and trends in design, CK frequently attends trade shows and experiential learning trips. She enjoys educating clients on smart home products as well as share her latest discoveries through her blog and Instagram, Facebook page.  

As dedicated wife and mother of three daughters, she has learned how to manage busy people, emotions, and frequently changing or indecisive minds- a skill which has become quite useful with her clientele. Empathy and jokes are important design ninja tools!

Her personal and work life is filled with creativity, comedy, her design assistant dog, Ozzy. There is always a little bit of chaos and occasional colorful language. She is known for her humor and her baking as much as her decorating sense.



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