Do YOU Rue?

I am trying oh so hard to be a better blogger.  I think I read too many blogs and end up with no time to write!  Still so new.  Some of the blogs that I follow have such amazing presence and I truly enjoy reading, looking, gawking, drooling over them!  You can see some of them over there on the right.  Over there…down a little… yeah, right there!  There are so many more that I look at that I haven’t linked to yet.  On the TO DO list…

Annnneeee-way, a group of brilliant ladies (including the girls behind Plush Palate and The City Sage )

have decided to go even further and create an online magazine dedicated to beautiful things, called Rue Magazine. And the funny thing is, a lot of the blogs I read are as excited as I am, and have posted interviews, photos of the upcoming mag, so everyday I read yet another new thing about them.

From the sneak preview at ShelterPop:

From CasaSugar:

These are some of what’s to come, and I can’t wait!  Make sure you don’t miss it.
Do you Rue?

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A Perfect Gray

that first image from Rue gets me every time. I love it!

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