The delays on the new kitchen have been a major let down. We are so close, yet so far away from completion. I think that the appliances will finally be hooked up soon, and I’ve been thinking of what I’ll bake first as I try out the new ovens. I was able to light the stove to make a home cooked meal in the kitchen over the weekend. See?

kitchen, stove, grilled cheese, sandwich, dinner, gourmet

Gourmet meal!

Now, with a bridal shower already booked for July, as well as 2 of my own kids’ birthdays coming up, I need to get my bake on. I am excited to finally be able to fit a large cookie sheet in my oven.

So, the question is, what to bake first?

Maybe some chocolatey brownie cookies?

chocolate brownie cookies

Or lemony cupcakes?

lemon filled cupcake

Maybe peanut butter!

chocolate peanut butter cupcake

I know the kids won’t want zucchini bread…

zucchini bread

I am going to bet that the first thing I have to bake is the good ol’ CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE.

chocolate chip cookies

I hope it happens soon!






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