Everything but the kitchen sink (but I could’ve put that too)

Trying to gather my thoughts regarding the kitchen renovation. Many links later, I think this is a good start. I know I should have inserted the pictures here with notes, but I am just trying to get it all in one place first. Bear with me, blog critics.

start here:


I love this granite. It looks almost black but has cool flecks and fissures like marble. Of course, it’s at the wrong end of the price spectrum, and it’s about $2400 OVER MY BUDGET!!!  (I got it). This is an example of how it looks in a kitchen:

chandelier over dining table:
fabrics (again… to see with rug below):
rug (for dining room or for family room, but not both. Probably family room):
stools for family room (or living room):
might do something dramatic in the living room now that it’s a little separated:
lights outside french doors (which is 6′ wide):
possible wood floor color:

 miscellaneous details:

There will be a small wine fridge with a glass door. I couldn’t afford to get a wood paneled cover fridge, so it’s french doors on top and freezer on the bottom in stainless. Big 6 burner range with a second oven under the island. A microwave also in the island with a cool “oven door” type opening, not a swing out door like a normal one, and not a drawer like a lot of people are getting now. A flip down oven door!  The island will have extra cabinets on the other side where you sit so there’s tons of storage. The cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling so there’s vertical storage too. The kitchen window is 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide and is one big pane that will crank open. There will be under cabinet lighting and lights in the glass door cabinets. All have slow-close feature, no slamming!  

My goodness, what else is there that I didn’t cover? Oh yeah, the sink! (it’s extra wide and deep, stainless, mounted under the granite)…haha…


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