Freaking Out: One Room Challenge Fall 2020 Week 2-3

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Hi. My name is Kohut and I’m freaking out.

Freaking out. That’s pretty much all I’ve done for week two of the One Room Challenge, which actually ended last Thursday as I write this in the middle of week three that looks pretty much like week two. NOTHING. That’s also quite similar to WEEK ONE, in which all I got to do was think about the room because I didn’t even own the house yet.

(Oh no. I just looked and I actually missed the deadline for the official week two posting so I guess this is going to be for week two and week three. I suck.)

You think I’m kidding.

I’m totally not kidding. I have the wallpaper. It’s sitting in boxes and I’m sure the wallpaper company is thrilled that I’ve done nothing at all with it so far. I also decided I don’t want to put it in the room I showed you last week. I decided not to work on that room at all, so now I’m going to show you the new room, in all of it’s real estate listing photo glory.

Christine Kohut Interiors, Design Ninja, One Room Challenge, ORC, Better Homes and Gardens, BHGORC, #projectkohutiscrazy, before and after, freaking out

What happened in the last week?

Well, we bought a house. Remember, I had never seen it in person before we decided to buy it, and it was pretty freaking stressful for me. We closed on Thursday, the movers came on Friday, and I’ve spent the last 5 days unpacking boxes and wandering around 4 levels looking for shit I can’t find. Like the pillows for my bed. My besties have come over and helped me through the emotional parts and the emptying of boxes so that now, even though I still have no idea where those pillows are, I was able to a shower today and put on real pants and just sit here for a bit.

And just kept freaking out.

Because not only am I trying to move into a new home, I’m trying to get a new license and register my car, find an exterminator, figure out what owning a septic tank entails, launch my new business, and committing to a huge year long investment for that business, I need to figure out if I really should attempt to install that wallpaper myself. Bahahaha…

My wallpaper guys in NJ said they have confidence in me when I asked them for some guidance this morning. So, let’s pretend I am going to do this. Or maybe YOU want to attempt to wallpaper a room. The first thing you need to do is (besides making sure your walls’ holes are filled and everything is smooth), is prime the walls. Skip it and you will have the same problem that people who hate wallpaper have. Paper that never comes off without a lot of effort, mess, and swearing. Priming makes it so much easier down the road. It also does a lot more, like making it easier to adjust and position the wallpaper, prevents seam separation, curling edges and bubbles. So don’t complain that there’s an extra step, just do it.

I may earn a little money if you click on the links to some of the products in my blog and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. It helps fund this blog, so bonus for you and bonus for me.

This is the stuff my guys use:

Christine Kohut Interiors, Design Ninja, One Room Challenge, ORC, Better Homes and Gardens, BHGORC, #projectkohutiscrazy, zinsser shieldz, wallpaper paste, primer, freaking out

And this is the wallpaper paste I was told to use. This is key because knowing me, I want to be able to strip it and try something new sooner than the average homeowner.

Christine Kohut Interiors, Design Ninja, One Room Challenge, ORC, Better Homes and Gardens, BHGORC, #projectkohutiscrazy, zinsser shieldz, wallpaper paste, primer, freaking out

Am I really going to attempt this?

It’s got a huge pattern, and it’s got a texture, and it’s scary to me to try this. BUT! Remember last year’s walls in my ONE ROOM CHALLENGE PROJECT COAST TO COAST? I hung freaking fabric all by myself (and now this year I see people trying that for their rooms).

Christine Kohut Interiors, Design Ninja, One Room Challenge, ORC, Better Homes and Gardens, BHGORC, #projectkohutiscrazy, #CKprojectcoasttocoast, fabric walls, california ranch, teen bedroom

Did any of you guess the right wallpaper for #projectkohutiscrazy?

I guess I will share it now, so I at least I’m giving you SOMETHING to look at this week. It’s kind of bonkers, isn’t it?? I’m working with the company to showcase their new line. More on that down the road. I’m sure they’re tapping their fingers on their desks right now too, waiting for me. Sigh. Here is a sneak peek.

wallpaper, flocked velvet, art deco, green velvet, Christine Kohut Interiors, Design Ninja, One Room Challenge, ORC, Better Homes and Gardens, BHGORC, #projectkohutiscrazy, freaking out

Told you I was freaking out. It’s got velvet flocking!

Ok, so who knows what will happen next week but I will tell you that by the time this is over, I will create a space just for me to work in. Can you believe in the 15 years I’ve officially had a design business, I’ve never had a dedicated office space of my own?? Crazy. I’m well over due and it’s one of the reasons I liked this house. There is finally space for my family, my overnight guests, an office for my husband who has to work from home now, AND an office space for me. I just have to turn that sad little room into one.

I was going to update a bedroom for the One Room Challenge. Now I am changing a bedroom to an office. There’s zero overhead lighting which is important and I don’t know if I can get an electrician in there before the challenge is over, but overhead lighting would be nice. I need window treatments, a rug, a big desk/table, a desk chair, lamps, storage for samples and books and all my STUFF. Am I missing anything? (Side note: I already know a lot of my stuff won’t fit in this room and I haven’t even moved into it. LOL).

More on the One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event hosted by Calling it Home  showcasing 20 featured participants and many guest participants as they renovate a single room, documenting all of it over the course of six weeks. The One Room Challenge kindly shares all of the blog entries and the finished spaces at the end of the 6 weeks. You can see them by clicking the image. Way more interesting progress than mine, surely!

As a guest participant I might be freaking out less than some of my friends who are one of the twenty featured participants. Check them out below.

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That’s all I got, folks!


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Office Wallpapers

Hey Cristine,
I couldn’t find your entry on the 6-week challenge page (under 2020). Maybe you can add a few images here as a quick update entry? … just an idea .

Last edited 3 months ago by Office Wallpapers
Sheri Bruneau

I can not WAIT to see what you do with this room. While you feel stressed, I know this room is going to be amazing! What a great treat for your brand new home to get the Kohut treatment in the first month you own the home. Who else does this – but you.

My friend, you truly amaze me with our talent and your tenacity! I can not wait to see what you do with this room.

Deborah Top-Newell

Sounds like you’re freaking crazy…but good crazy! Can’t wait to see, Good Luck!!


I love that flocking wallpaper. If I was closer I would hang it for you! Crazy is good! Nothing like an ORC to motivate anybody!


Now I need to go back and read about how you bought a house that you never saw in person! WOW!!!
But seriously- so excited to see this paper in your new room- it’s going to be fab!!

Janet R Lorusso

You are, in fact, crazy…doing a 3week version of this 6 week challenge, but I have no doubt you will pull this off! And frankly, I’m no farther ahead than you because I had to spend the last 3 weeks shoveling the stuff OUT so I could start working on my office. So yes, I too am crazy, but Imma not gonna attempt to hang flocked wallpaper, so there’s that…LOL. I know your office will be amazing at the end of this!

Mary Ann Benoit

You can do it! Can’t wait to see how it all comes out!

Lisa Peck

You are amazing! If you keep going the reward is going to be amazing!

Leslie Carothers

Yes, you are crazy, but in the best way…and knowing you.. it will be amazing.. no matter how long it takes you to hang the flocking wallpaper!

I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done..and the best thing is? You will, finally, have #ARoomOfYourOwn for your new design business, which I am sure will take off once people see what you are able to accomplish in 3 weeks, from scratch.


It’s going to be flocking amazing!


You’ve got this!!!!

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