Friday Finds

Today’s Friday Find:

The custom refrigerator. Did you see that fridge up there? Come ON now. 🤩

What is the most used item in the house? Some might say the sink, some might say the fridge. You can’t have a kitchen without either one, right? They are so utilitarian in nature, but lately people are dressing them up because smart and practical can also be beautiful and fun. Just like us!

It’s Friday afternoon, so let’s face it, you’re already getting into weekend daydream mode. So let’s just dream about some of these stylish options. If you’re planning a kitchen, maybe you can incorporate something like this into your design.

For many, stainless is the go-to choice. I love how this one is part of a whole pantry wall, with a wine refrigerator and all of those freezer drawers. I wonder if the drawers under the wine are actually beverage fridges, since that would be really practical. Kids won’t stand there with the big doors open looking for a drink!

via Leslie Ann Interior Design

Look at this gi-gundo armoire of a chilling machine. This was probably the best place to place a fridge, but imagine if it was just a basic fridge. It would stand out like a sore thumb, even if it was half the size! The contrasting cabinetry from the rest of the kitchen also makes this feel more like a piece of furniture.

via David Stimmel of Stimmel Consulting Group

Look at the way everything is flush, like it’s really cabinetry, and not refrigeration. It truly disappears into the room. The trim work around matches the wood of the island. Hello, details.

via O’Brien Harris

If you have some bucks to spend, this custom Italian company makes things that are CRAZY gorgeous. I actually broke out into a sweat looking at their images. They make complete kitchens, not just refrigerators, so the whole kitchen could look like some European bistro. Sigh. Ok, here’s just a fridge, but it’s not JUST a fridge, right?

via Officine Gullo

And they don’t ALL have to be so sexy and smoking hot. You can have some fun too.

Like the colorful stuff that companies like Smeg have on the market like Justina Blakely used here.

Or a definite conversation starter like these fridge wraps you can put on your fridge to change things up.

Hans Solo in Carbonite via vinyl revolution

The options have become endless over the years, and with all the attention people are putting into the kitchen, it’s worth thinking about the biggest appliance in the room. You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig, but it sure looks a lot prettier! Have you customized your fridge? Tell us about it!


Photo at the top with the mirrored doors: Design: @jeanstofferdesign Builder: @kenowabuilders 📷: @stofferphotographyinteriors





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