Fun and Fresh Finds for Those With Low Funds

“Fun and fresh” is on my mind as spring is officially here (unless you look outside at the 4th nor’easter, Winter Storm Toby, currently dumping 12″ of snow in our area).

One of my daughters is always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate her first adult apartment, and custom made pillows, drapes and furniture aren’t going to work for her. We’re always looking for things that fit her budget. I’m sharing some of my finds because even those with nice and plump budgets can benefit from a few “lows” mixed with the “highs”. Maybe just to add just a touch of fresh and new without going through a full makeover.

One brand that seems to know how to showcase the latest looks without breaking the bank is H&M. I wondered what kind of things they might have in their HOME section and if they’d be in my daughter’s price range (or yours). I was pleasantly surprised.

This snake rug might be really cool thrown this over a sisal rug and you can always punch up a room and change with some fresh pillow covers. Like I said in a previous post, you don’t have to buy all new pillows if yours are in great shape, and covers are less expensive than a whole pillow. Add some accessories like some fresh flowers in these cute vases, a soft throw blanket, a little gold picture frame, and look at that lidded candle!

{{Since you might click on the following images and/or links, it is a good time to tell you that I may earn a little money if you click and make a purchase. There’s no extra cost to you, so have fun!}}

Mobile users: click the arrow to the right of the products below to see the next one, or you are missing out on all the fun.

Everyone: click on the items you like to get more info!

I have been talking forever about various shades of what I call “off-colors”. The pinks are mottled, not too sweet, maybe a little less “millennial” and paired with colors you might not think work with together.

pink terra-cotta rust pillows sofa sconce lighting rug living room blanket #designninja
Not too sweet, but just right.

The mustardy yellow just works with the rusty terra-cotta and dusty pinks, don’t you think? Just in case you’re not convinced (should we have a talk?) a deep shade of blue-green could also work, and if you click on the yellow pillow, you’ll see many other colors of velvet are available.

If you’re a little nervous about trying it, here are a few lower cost ways to give it a go in your house.

Speaking of those colors, I did find something else that might be a bit of a stretch on the budget but, come on, this wallpaper is so pretty. Maybe worth the splurge, if you love it, too. You’ll have to click on it to see more images.

Gucci Heron wallpaper pink birds salmon white tropical #designninja
Click to get another look at this wallpaper.

Maybe you want to try out the big leafy patterns, but can’t take the leap to covering your walls in it.

Beverly Hills Hotel Wallpaper House Beautiful #designninja
Could you, would you? || via House Beautiful

Experiment with that bold, leafy pattern by using it on a pillow or a candle. I think black and white always looks fresh with palm green. That zebra tray is pretty fun.

H&M Home has bedding, too, including some clean, simple linens, fun florals, and pretty graphic prints.

bedding, birds, navy, pink, palm tree, bedroom, duvet, pillows, #designninja
A duvet is an easy thing to swap out to brighten up your room. Click to shop.

This is just a smidge of what you can find. Besides tons of accessories, they have tableware, from dishes to glassware to silverware to pretty table linens…

dining table, tableware, table setting, dishes, wine, party, brunch, #designninja
That floral table cloth is an easy way to add some spring color. Click to shop.

Tons of baskets…

baskets H&M wicker woven stacked #designninja
Click to see which one of these I wanted you to check out.

Things for the bathroom…

H&M bathroom vase soap towels #desingnninja
The little bud vase is under 10 bucks. Click image to shop.

There is A LOT of stuff. And just like the clothing store, the stuff sells fast and they don’t usually re-stock. If you like what you see, don’t wait, they won’t last long at these prices.


The snake rug’s larger size is already sold out since I started writing this! One of the pillows I originally wanted to share is all gone.

Don’t wait around, people!

I have to admit, as much as like a bargain, even I was surprised at some of these prices. I hope that you enjoy these fun and fresh (and budget friendly) finds a much as I did. My daughter is going to be browsing, for sure!

{{all images except the wallpaper are from H&M Home}}

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Rosanna Alicia Design

Gorgeous picks!! I think we have very similar taste 😉 I just treated myself to four new cushion covers from H&M home, and one of them is the tiger one! They are just such good value, and really decent quality coarse weave too. I’ve never been one for seasonal decor but I may get a few different sets of cushions covers to change up in the lunge as the price is so reasonable… x


Who knew you could find such fun for the home at H&M. My house is going to look amazing.


Fabulous finds. My house is going to look amazing.


Love H&M so much, they have some beautiful bits don’t they?!

Fiona Mostyn

I love all of these picks. So much to choose from. That wall paper though!!!

Anne Marie

Are you trying to make me spend all my money at H&M? I love all your picks. I’m actually planning a visit to our H&M store in town tomorrow so I might grab few from your list

Stacey Sheppard

Wow there are some really great pieces there and affordable too. I really love the botanical look and those big green leaves are right up my street. But I also love that pink!

Paul Harrison

Love this range of mood boards and beautiful imagery! Thank you! 🙂

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