Happy Friday

My daughter is coming home from college to visit this weekend. Well, she’s coming here, then leaving to visit a friend at Villanova. Either way, we’ll take it. It will be nice to see “my baby”. I baked a ton of cookies, muffins, and pumpkin bread and stocked up on other junky things because I know she’s going to rob us like she probably robs the school cafeteria of bananas and cereal.

She wants steak for dinner, she said. No matter what. Like we are a restaurant.

Anyway, back to work until she gets home.

I’ve been prepping several jobs for lighting and furniture installations, as well as window treatments and miscellaneous accessories. Stuff is coming in and I’m getting excited. My family, notsomuch. And there’s so much more coming! Yikes.

A lot of the big stuff is still in storage until the clients’ are ready. But all the other stuff…

The designated area in the garage is full already and now it’s bleeding into the living area. Not fun. I am thinking of using college daughter’s room as a storage area for my clients’ items. She would KILL me if I did that. I totally would if I could get the stuff up the stairs. Some of this stuff is so big and bulky, it’s just easier to leave it. You should see the other side of the room!

The warehouse.

I love getting ready for all my clients. Although, it’s not much fun tripping over a 12′ rug in the middle of the night.

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