Working on a client’s preteen daughter’s room, where she has this new bedding from here.

The room is currently very… vanilla? Even though it’s not vanilla colored!  Lot of white furniture, lavender walls and a neutral beige-y colored area rug.  But there IS a GHOST CHAIR! {love}

Mom bought this bedding in hopes to liven up the room a bit, then asked me to help.  I suggested going in the bohemian direction and bringing in some natural woven elements with a little more earthiness. More colors and textures.  More fun. More grown up, but not too serious.
Mom is afraid of too many pillows as she thinks they will always be on the floor but I find that the bed can be made in just as much time and looks more put together with some throw pillows, so I have purchased a couple.  We shall see!  Right now she has one of the matching shams and one of the pillow cases on the bed, although it is a full size bed. She also has this:

It’s funny, this doesn’t really match the colors in the bedding, but it’s sold with the bedding.  And it looks great.  Anyway, it gave me the direction I wanted.  To incorporate a lot of colors and patterns!

I plan to change the window treatment to something more fun, and I wanted to bring the two colors from the bedding to that side of the room for balance.  Panels are not an option, so I am going to propose an upholstered cornice board and woven bamboo blinds.  Easier said than done, but I hunted and hunted for something that went with it but also had the right scale of pattern and mood.  What do you think of this?

I think I nailed the match!  The grumpy old lady at Bloomingdales did not like my putting all of this on the floor to take the picture, but WHATEVER!

And I’m thinking that a new little chair pad for the ghost chair would be cool.  What about a little zebra?

I have so many colorful things to show you, but this part of the hunt is over.  More about the room to come!  But what do you think of the wall color?  As you can see, there is that color in the throw pillow, and there are many more colors in all of the accessories.  I am not planning to match the walls to the bedding, and I am trying to save her some money.  I am contemplating leaving the color. Thoughts?

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Thanks for the comment! I have convinced the client to change the color, it really just doesn't work.

April Force Pardoe

I love all of the patterns you are mixing. It's hard to tell from the photo about the color on the wall being a good fit, but it looks pretty! I'd love to see the after pictures when the room is complete!

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