I died.

This past week has been filled with stories from fellow people in my field about things that just go wrong. Sometimes very, very wrong. I cannot tell any one story because the stories are at times comical, and at times horrific, but all have lessons embedded in them for the rest of us to learn from. More on that in another post someday.

There also have been articles out that give more life to how things work sometimes, like this one from Apartment Therapy. I might make it suggested reading for all my clients. I think I’m going to forward it to all of them when I’m done writing this.

In a relatable story, I took today off to spend with friends an attend a taping of The View. No lunch or drinks afterward, just in and out.

Ladies of The View

Our show airs tomorrow, if you’re interested. We got some funny swag, like Andy Cohen’s new book and 50 bucks worth of Mucinex. Yes, Mucinex.


So, upon coming out of the show and turning on my phone, I get a voicemail. As I am listening, my face fills with dread, and I gasp. “Oh no, oh no, oh no. This can’t be happening!” My friends turn, looks of serious concern on their face, wondering which child was injured, or who got into an accident, or who might’ve died.

I think I looked like this.

I hung up the phone. I said, “the fabric I ordered for two custom window jobs is discontinued, this is tragic”. My friends sighed with relief… and then almost punched me. They think I’m crazy. It’s FABRIC, for goodness sake. Still, I went dark on the inside.

They don’t understand how long it took to find the perfect fabric for this particular job. Paint is going up that coordinates with that fabric. It was the best with the existing furniture in the two rooms. The client loved it, didn’t like the others that much…

I am not looking forward to making the call to my client to deliver the bad news. Weeks after I ordered it. These things happen. (See the link back up there? Read that.) But I don’t like HATE when things like this happen to me, and I really strive to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen. But sometimes they do. And I have to fix it without adding stress to my client. Would be nice if it didn’t add stress to me. I digress.

I will now have to make my way back into the sample room and get to work on a replacement before I call her. Better to have the replacements ready to choose from. Who knows how long that will take based on how long it took the first time.

Preparing for the worst, yet praying for the best in her reaction. Cross your fingers that she surprises me like Jay surprised Gloria on Modern Family this week by being HAPPY with the news she thought he was going to flip out over.

Modern Family Expecting

Cross your toes too, because I doubt it will go like that.


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