I Would Walk 500 Miles

Las Vegas, city lights

I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more…


I’m heading to Vegas, baby! And, after going to KBIS with the Design Hounds, and walking over 20,000 steps at ICFF, I know that I will need some comfortable shoes while walking the 3 buildings of furniture and all things design at the Las Vegas Market.

What is Las Vegas Market and why am I going?

It’s the only major market on the west, and since I’m moving that way, I thought it’s a good idea to get familiar with it. But even before that, I have always wanted to attend, because I love knowing what the latest and greatest is in my business, make connections to great vendors and be able to bring those ideas and pieces to my clients. It’s pretty much part of my job, right?

That being said, I wasn’t planning on attending THIS year, especially this summer (Vegas in July 😯 ??), with all that my family has going on, but suddenly this terrific opportunity fell into my lap, thanks to my fellow Design Hound, Elizabeth Scruggs from Nashville. Thanks to her, I am now attending as part of a terrific group of people that were selected by the lovely ladies at Soft Design Lab. As part of this group, we will be going to exclusive events, VIP showroom tours, and getting some education, and networking connections mixed in.

Sounds good to me!

But, with over 5.4 million (MILLION!!) square feet to cover, I will be walking a lot. Maybe more than a lot.

Many of my friends know how I like fun, funky shoes, and I don’t love “tourist” shoes or boring sneakers just because I’m going to be walking a lot. While covering that many miles in a day could qualify as exercise, I’m not working out in a gym the whole time (or at all, probably) and I’m NOT my parents in their white velcro walking sneakers.

Related image

Alas, while heels would probably look better with my outfits, after breaking my ankle badly a few years ago, I have to submit to something that falls into the “comfy” category.

Can comfy still look cool? Oh yeah, it’s also summer time, and it’s Vegas, so I’m also looking for shoes that are LITERALLY cool. Hot feet are gross. Hot, blistery, swollen feet are even more gross.

So I  started looking at some options and I figured I would share some of the ones I’m considering. Maybe you’ll want them for yourself!

I may earn a little money if you click on the links to some of the products in my blog AND make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.

My take on velcro comfort shoes…

fly london, wedge, sandal, gladiator, comfort, gold, leather
The metallic leather, the double strap and the combo of cork and rubber make this wedge look funky, right? Sometimes a slight heal is better to walk in that a super flat shoe, don’t you think? (click image for details)


gladiator, sandal, Børn, taupe leather, shoes
These are by Børn, which are known for comfort, but are they “me”? Hmm. (click image for details)


Strappy, yet soft leather and squishy soles, these also don’t take up much room in the suitcase.

black, leather, sandals, gladiator, strappy, Børn
Another Børn sandal, but more of a gladiator, and maybe the black is more bad-ass… for a comfy shoe. Do you like to wear flats to walk in? (click image for details)


Some people just love the convenience of slides. I like this color, otherwise I have flashbacks to those black stretchy ones from the late nineties-early 2000’s.

blush pink, platform sandal, slides,
Dr Scholl’s practically screams “comfort shoe”, but I thought these stain resistant platform slides were kind of neat. Maybe more for the airplane than to walk all over three buildings of furniture, gifts, and accessories. (click image for info)

I keep coming back to something with a slight wedge, I just think they are a little dressier without being too dressy or uncomfortable.

silver, metallic, leather, sandal, strappy, Dr Scholl's
Another metallic leather. Another Dr Scholl’s sandal. Another wedge. What do you think of this one? Could you walk 10,000 steps in these? (click image for info)

And I probably won’t want to wear sandals every single day.

snakeskin, shoes, lace up, python, platform, Steve Madden
The “wildcard”. The sneaker substitute. Sometime you need something with socks when you walk this much. Snake print is a neutral that can go with anything. Platform so I will look like an Amazon. (click image for info)

I am not sure what I’m leaning toward. Which ones do you think will hold up to the endless steps I will walk in Vegas, but will still look fun, funky, cute (that’s not a word normally used to describe me).

And speaking of Vegas, any recommendations for “must see” shows or places to go? It’s my first time, if you can believe it.








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Elizabeth Scruggs

oh yeah!! it’s for SURE stuck in my head now!! I love this!! I’m such a shoe freak….thanks for giving me (us) some cute options!!! girl we are gonna WEAR. MARKET. OUT!!!

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