It Was A Little Steamy In Vegas

Guys. It was so hot and steamy.

After covering miles of trade show floor walking around KBIS, the DesignHounds were treated to a wonderful spa treatment at the Nomad Hotel by one of our SPONSORS, Mr Steam.

We were invited to gather in a private room to soak in a hot tub with mud masks on, then sit in a steam room, where Martha Orellana and fellow DesignHounds shared the benefits and their experiences with steam therapy.

There are over 40 benefits! There are some of my favorites:

We used this exclusive Tala Rhassoul Lava Clay.

How I thought I looked.
How I actually looked! Not as glamorous, but the mask worked great!

Not just for hotels and gyms

Steam therapy is so beneficial but its a common misconception that it’s really just for a commercial environment, or for very rich people. It’s time we stop treating our wellness as a luxury and start realizing that investing in things that make you feel better is worth every penny. It’s can reduce doctor’s visits, pharmacy refills, and physical therapy bills. What would you rather spend the money on? And the good news is that it’s not THAT much money up front. It does take some planning before you build or remodel your bathroom, but the steam unit itself is about the size of a bread box and doesn’t require a lot of space! And look at how sleek the controls and the linear steam head are.

There are plenty of ways to upgrade, with aromatherapy, music and chroma (light) therapy options, different types of controls. You can also use your phone to start the steam before you walk into the bathroom! Check out some of the options below.

A steam session is also more eco-friendly than a soak in a tub, using less than 2 gallons of water per session as opposed to about 40 gallons of water for a bath. WOW. I kind of like the idea that you are sitting right in your shower, so you can steam for a bit, then take a quick shower (a little cold water feels AMAZING after a steam session) and you’re good to go.

After our spa treatment, our hosts treated us to a fabulous dinner in a private room at the Bellagio. We not only learned more details about Mr Steam’s products, the DesignHounds really learned a lot more about each other, since this was the first time many of us actually ever met in person. Hearing about these incredible women in business was so empowering… and very encouraging. We run the world, really.

Combining learning with laughs, good food and wine, and a relaxing spa treatment was on kick ass way to spend a day in Vegas! I am, once again, so grateful for being asked to be a part of the DesignHounds for KBIS 2020.

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Janet R Lorusso

Wow! It looks like a fantastic trip, Christine! And congrats again on your DesignHounds top 10!

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