It’s Crazy Time

I guess Thanksgiving is 10 days from now. Already??
Learn How Not To Drop the Turkey

I have spent the entire summer and fall just whizzing around, with all the prepping the house for sale, then putting it on the market, and all the showings. SO MANY SHOWINGS. Lots of travel, some work, but mostly consumed with real estate stuff.

Hardly a real homecooked meal to be had in months, since I didn’t want to have to clean that much after cooking. One can get used to a clean house. Now a herd of extended family is due to arrive in a week and some of the busiest cooking days of the year will commence and I’m kind of like, “how about takeout?”

Of course take out’s not going to happen. And you know I love to cook for my people. Someone better step up to do the dishes though.

Anyway, as you know, Thanksgiving starts the official countdown to Christmas (no, not HALLOWEEN, so get lost if you think so, we frazzled parents can’t handle that). And then the New Year comes rushing in.

So I figured it’s a good time to talk about how (dis)organized we can be around this time of year and my attempt to fix it, just a little bit.

The next couple of months are going to be crazy for me, and for many of you. We can talk about how to use iCal the best, or organizational apps like Evernote or Trello, but not today. Maybe we all need a little bit of low tech in our lives right now. I am trying to go back to something that worked pretty well for me back in the day and I am using an actual day planner and a freaking pencil.

*Since you might click on the following images and/or links, it is a good time to tell you that I may earn a little money if you click and make a purchase… and I mean, very little, if you’re going to buy the pen below. There’s no extra cost to you, so have fun!*

January 2018 Daily Planner: Black Stripe

It kind of reminds me of those good ol’ Trapper Keeper days, know what I mean?

Side Note: In Jr High we had to have those 4 color Bic Pens and we called them Clicky Pens. Our teacher said it would help keep us organized. Part of me wants one again…


I guess this type of planner is supposed to help you plan out your days, gives you a daily motivation, and has sections for goals, checklists, and hourly scheduling.

It might be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping to get into the swing of using mine so that it’s not a hard-to-achieve New Year’s resolution. How many of those did you accomplish this year, by the way?

I’ll admit it, I was drawn to the Day Designer brand because it has many pretty covers, so you can get whatever suits your fancy.

This one is an academic one, great for students and parents!

And they look good with all your stuff!

I might be fooling myself into thinking this will help my crazy brain stay more organized, but who cares. I miss that feeling of a good pencil on paper, and this makes me feel good. Maybe you miss that feeling too.

Check out some of the other designs here:
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