It’s Elementary, My Dear

The library, that is.

Our local school library was created using hand me down furniture from other schools a zillion years ago. Several years ago, there was flooding, and the flooring was replaced.  New carpet was all that was added to the library, and purely out of necessity.

There are initials carved into chairs from some kid in high school in 1965. It is time to get some new furniture and make this place inviting to the people who use it: the kids. And the librarian, who has to live there!

Having worked with the librarian on her home in the past, she thought I would be a good person to consult with on what the principal and she were thinking in terms of updates. I decided to donate my time for this project, as a “last hurrah” from me to this school, as my youngest is entering her last year here. I came in and selected colors, created a layout and selected options for furniture with price points. A fundraiser from the PTA raised enough money for the big stuff and the ball started rolling.

The principal took the ideas and got to work, using the pictures and items I selected as a guide and tried to purchase items similar to what I selected. I have stopped in to check on progress, although I am not actually in charge of the project and have no control on how the money gets spent.

It is interesting to see how it’s all coming together and how it looks close to what I designed for them. While it’s not 100% sticking to my design (those that know me realize I would do a few things differently), it’s pretty close, and the kids will love it! It will be great to be there on the first day of school and see the reactions.

Considering the PTA raised money to update the library, it’s amazing to be a part of a community that, while paying really high taxes, still find it worthwhile to make donations of dollars AND of time and energy to give our kids the best school experience they could possibly have. I am glad to live in a town like this.


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How wonderful! You will need to post before and after pictures… Will the pool boy be there for the grand opening!?? 😉

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