It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die

I saw a LOT of fluffy, fuzzy, cozy comfy fabrics at the last two trade shows I went to and I wonder if it’s a reflection of our times. With all the chaos in the world right now, it’s natural for people to want to come home to a place of comfort. A place that cocoons you, wraps you in comfort; a soft place to rest. People needed their soft “security blankets” to feel safe. BTW, have you seen those gravity blankets for anxiety?

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Plus, some people are not allowed to have pets, but studies show that petting animals relieves stress. Maybe petting the furniture is a close second to the real thing?

sectional, sofa, corduroy, pillows, custom furniture, norwalk, LVMKT, fluffy
Look at this wide whale corduroy on this giant custom sectional. It was as soft as a puppy’s belly.
jaipur, bean bag, ottoman, rugs, soft seating, LVMKT, fluffy
Jaipur Living took these super soft rugs and made them into giant ottoman/bean bags for the trade show!

While there was a lot of white and cream, it wasn’t exclusive. The black on black look was seen on everything from appliances, counters and faucets, to seating like this one.

black sheep, chair, furry, fluffy, ICFF, arm chair, furniture, latest trends
For the black sheep in the family?

I saw this online, it’s kind of a combo of the last two, maybe? LOL. It does have memory foam, my kids think this would be great in their bedrooms, maybe in a different color. (There were tons to choose from.)

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Other forms of “furry” were also everywhere. This cowhide chair has a more masculine look.

hair on hide, cowhide, chair, cozy, seating, leather, ranch, western, lodge, house, furniture, fluffy, LVMKT
Hair on hide with leather and other natural materials are other cozy options.

Or maybe people just want to sit on a poodle. IDK.

lucite, chair, faux fur, furry, trade show, fluffy, ICFF, furniture
I didn’t say they were all pretty. Please don’t like this.

If having a chair or sofa is too much, you can get some big, furry pillows.

fluffy, pillows, floor cushions, furry, ICFF, seating, furniture, trends
Not only is the chair fuzzy, the floor cushions are too. I think it’s getting a little crazy here.

Check out this tactile overload!

fluffy, ICFF, furry chair, egg chair, mongolian lamb fur, pillows, furniture, trends
I guess this really is like a furry cocoon. With a couple Mongolian lamb pillows for good measure.

I did find myself petting a lot of the furniture. So did my friends.

pink, fur, chaise, furniture, champagne, norwalk, trade show, LVMKT
This pink chaise had us all giggling. Or maybe it was the champagne?

What do you think? Are you into the fluffy, fuzzy, furry furniture trend?

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die






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Sheri Bruneau

Isn’t that the truth that we all tend to ‘pet’ the textiles! Love this post.

Janet Lorusso

That wide wale corduroy is to die for…it is soooo petable! is that a word? Anyway, we’ve used it on a number of furniture pieces and pillows for clients and I confess to never returning the sample because I love to pat it!


Love the textured ottomans! Love the image on pink chaise! Vegas was a lot of fun!

Elizabeth Scruggs

great post my friend!


So funny, as I was reading your post, I saw that chair with no arms, a white soft textured base and the acrylic back. I thought, oh I like that. Then your caption was ‘Please don’t like this!’. HAHA! Great round up of the shows, you’ve tempted my designer taste buds even more for Highpoint this fall!


Totally digging this fluffy trend! I want a gravity blanket too though. One for me and my daughter.


Great write it! Fun Fuzzy Furniture!


YESSSS give me all of the soft, fluffy things!!!


I do like some of the teddy bear fabrics but the fluffiness can definitely get out of control.

Darla Powell

My lead designer can not walk by anything fluffy without “petting” it. Furniture included.


That gravity blanket is on the top of my wish list! It will be lights out if I ever get one.

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