The Mad Holiday Rush Begins!

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How was Thanksgiving for you?

Did yours involve any of that Black Friday madness? Ours did not, but it did include a very excitedly animated/dangerous game of Duck Duck Goose around the table before dessert. Chairs were flying, people screaming, bruises forming.

Then we had the pies.

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What’s your favorite? #thanksgiving #pie

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It was perfect.


Now that THAT is all over, we are heading into the next big holiday season, and the to-do lists are growing exponentially for many of us. Presents, cookies, ornaments, parties, decorating, getting that tree up…

I know many of you are planning out your Christmas cards as we speak. For me, every year I try to include my kids because when I don’t, some people get mad at me.

But now my kids are at ages where, besides them not being in the same room at the same time very often, they get mad at me for selecting the pictures I use. This past one sent them all into a tizzy. (Someday I hope they’ll appreciate how cute they look!)

This year will have to be something different.

I just ordered a couple different ones, so who knows who will get what this year.  With the Cyber Monday deals going on at Minted, I decided to mix it up.

25% OFF Holiday Card orders with code CM2017

I used that code to order my holiday cards today from Minted.

They have so many styles, shapes, foil printing, and luxe paper options to choose from to fit your style and budget.

Card Ormanents!

Of course, I love letterpress and deliciously thick cardstock.



You can also have your addresses printed on the envelopes. I will admit this one takes a LOT of effort up front, but the following year, you just click on the names and BAM. Unless you have that friend that moves ALL THE TIME and you can’t keep up with where she is this year (that’s you, Julie). You get plain envelopes for free anyway.

Modern Peace & Joy Letterpress Holiday Photo Cards

For the truly lazy, you can effortlessly create your holiday cards this year with Minted’s FREE Text Us Your Photo service! Simply text your photo to 415-301-CARD and Minted will text you back your photo styled in 5 holiday card designs selected especially for and styled with your photo—for free.

While I feel bad this time of year for the postal delivery guy carrying all the extra envelopes, and I may get annoyed with the Post Office for not delivering some of my special printed envelopes, I do actually look forward to receiving all of your cards every year. I am SHOCKED that I haven’t already gotten one from my sister or my friend Sonia, who seem all ready to go on Thanksgiving weekend, but both of them have been kind of busy this year. So who will be the first this year?

I hope you take advantage of the sale, and take a look at the other stuff they offer. The art, invitations and the stationary always suck me into a rabbit hole, I can spend all day looking at that stuff and playing around with the personal customization! There’s a cute Holiday Gift Guide if you’re looking for something different.

Hopefully I helped you check one more thing off your holiday to-do list!





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