Murphy, I Hate You.

Pretty much anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. One of those jobs that you just NEED to everything come out right, yet hurdles abound at every turn. And, to make it more frustrating, car troubles on every car we own. Stupid stuff that shouldn’t happen keeps happening. I am going bald from yanking my hair out!

I will be honest. I have been so busy, I didn’t harass the people that need harassing. I ASSUMED my installers were doing what they SAID they were going to do. Getting things done within a specific timeline is apparently only important to ME, well, maybe with the exception of MY CLIENT. Who has expectations that are quite reasonable. And is probably thinking the same thoughts about me that I’m thinking of the installers who can’t pick up a phone. I can’t blame anyone but myself. But I hate that this happened.  It would have been faster and easier if I just did it myself, but that’s the thing. Doing EVERYTHING myself is not always possible. Yanking hair.

Thankfully, a few good things have gone right this week.

This arrived.

This inky blue velvet is swanky.

And this.

I couldn’t stop running my hands over this velvety goodness.

I got to install these seats and get this rug put in yesterday too.

Dining chairs and rug came out great!

And the lights went in.

That’s a lot of balls!

So, in trying REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to cheer myself up, I look at these pics and think about what this client said to me regarding how she felt about all this new stuff going into her home. And I pray that the Murphy’s Law client will end up saying the same things when I am done there.

Pray too. Please.


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