No Turning Back

I have decided to paint the foyer and the windowless hallway a deep, dark, rich, dark (did I say dark twice- because it’s DARK) brown. I gave the paint sample to the painter and there is no turning back. I am fully aware that the husband is GOING TO FREAK OUT. And for that reason alone, I am nervous. I have loved the idea of a dark foyer/hall for so long, but, with the exception of one brave soul of a client who trusts me 1000% and painted hers charcoal gray, it’s been really hard to convince other clients that it will be so FABULOUS!! Not that I recommend a dark color for everyone, but when it fits perfectly with the home, the people in the home, and all the colors around it, why not?So, using my own home as the example, and having my most difficult client (husband) to please, I am going for it. I am going to show him that he can have what he really wants, he just doesn’t know it yet.  I believe that the dark will hide the daily grunge of 3 kids + husband + dog going up and down the stairs, dragging hands, backpacks and briefcases along the way. I believe the color will invoke a dark, soothing hotel hallway vibe, a neutral that will allow all the bedrooms to shine when the doors are open (if the beds are made!). I believe it will act as a lovely backdrop to my photo wall that will have a new home in the hallway.
I believe! Please cross your fingers that he will like it.
These are the ones that started it all for me.via House Beautiful

via Centsational Girl

And more from my files:via decor*pad

via A Bright Space

via 10 Rooms

vía Living Inside

Seriously, pray he doesn’t kill me.

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