Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Here is a dining room I’m working on. This is the BEFORE of the walls. Lots of blue and red.  I thought we could do a little better.
So I changed it to a soft gray-green, freshened up the trim color to a nicer white, and added a beautiful natural woven wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries. But it gets better….

Because when you are standing there, it looks like a nice and simple grasscloth but move a little, and you catch a glimpse of some sparkle…
Yes, the backing of the grasscloth is GOLD. You barely notice it, but it really adds such dimension to walls, bumping this up a notch. I love how it’s so subtle.  There are several different colors and they are all beautiful. Check out the Metallic Weave Collection and see what I mean! Be sure to click on the “installation shots” to see some of the beautiful examples.
I hope to have more photos to show you soon. Everything is so scattered (in my brain) right now, but I hope to have it more organized shortly (ha).

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I love this effect. So classic and sophisticated!

Layers and Layers

I just got the same samples in for a designer client of ours! Gorgeous! great job, love colour combo 🙂 Looking forward to end results.

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