One Room Challenge Fall 2020 Week One: I Must Be Crazy.

I know you like when I’m crazy and sign up for the One Room Challenge.

Why did I sign up for the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge? I think you might be starting to think I’m crazy. Ha, starting. You all are already pretty sure that I am crazy. Considering a month ago I was still living in California and just wrapping my head around moving back to the east coast (read more about that HERE), and back to our home state after almost 23 years, the last 30 days have been a total whirlwind.

I drove across the country with one of my daughters, my dog Ozzy, my wine and my plants.

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Ozzy is ready to hit the road to travel from California to New Hamphsire, and is in the back of the car with the plants and the wine.

I drove all the way and we made it in really good time. Now we are staying with VERY generous friends until our house closing next week. For the house I never saw in person. WHAT.

Yeah, I never saw this house in person!!

I get that some people do that kind of thing, but this was the most expensive purchase we had ever made in our lives and not something I have ever done. Matter of fact, I have even gone with clients to see potential homes to help them make sure they are making a good decision. This is a little scary to someone like me. And to be ALLLLL the way across the country and not having any access whatsoever to this house, I have been unable to sleep at night or to think about much else.

We drove into NH and decided to drive by the house before going to our friends’ house so we could finally see it in person. You would think I would be very excited but I will be 100% honest. I was very depressed. There’s a lot of cruddy overgrown plants and trees and not much curb appeal. It looked pretty sad to me. It will need a lot of work. Not that I’m afraid of the work, but it’s disheartening when the list is SO long and it’s a lot of the hidden stuff that you don’t appreciate as well as a lot of cosmetic stuff.


Ok ok, enough whining. We are closing on this freaking house and I am going to just dive in and do something fun (and stressful) to make at least one room pretty. Well, maybe not pretty. Fun? You guys want to see something fun, right? Ok, the goal for this One Room Challenge will be something fun. I need a good project name. I will share it next week if I figure it out. Please let me know what ideas you might have in the comments!

I am totally winging this and going off the pictures and floor plans from the listing. I might change my mind by next week, but I did officially sign up a bedroom for the FALL 2020 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE as a guest participant. You guys remember this crazy thing I’ve done before right? Like THIS ONE and THIS ONE and THIS ONE.

I am already behind.

The One Room Challenge officially started for the 20 featured participants yesterday and the guest participants today and the final reveals are in 6 weeks. I don’t even get to see the room until next week! Then I have to figure out what I can put in there and where I can get stuff in such a short time, get it all done AND get it photographed and share it all with you by November 12th. Yikes.

Mind you, I have to actually move in, unpack dishes and bedding so I can eat and sleep and deal with all the new home crap I have to do, like figuring out who picks up my trash every week. Oh, and starting my new business! I have filed the paperwork and I am excited about what my future holds with my business, and preparing to take this national.

But first, the One Room Challenge.

Here’s a look at the wonky shaped room I am going to do. It is supposed to be a bedroom makeover but I keep thinking I might change it to an office. I don’t know. But I better figure it out fast!

I think one of these wallpapers is going to make an appearance. I am afraid I might have to put it up myself, but after doing the FABRIC COVERED WALLS by myself last year, I think I might be able to handle it. MIGHT being the key word here. I mean, this HAS to be easier than 54″ wide, dripping wet fabric, right? Fingers crossed.

Since the WEEK 2 post is due the day we are closing and before the movers even arrive, I am laughing at myself for even deciding to sign up. What the heck will I tell you next week?? You can check out all the amazing projects by the featured participants by clicking their links below.

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Interiors by Design | Jana Donohoe Designs | Laura Hodges Studio | Lauren Nicole Designs

Nicole White Designs | Nikole Starr Interiors | Nile Johnson Interior Design | Prudence Home + Design

Thou SwellTraders Haven Design | Whitney J Decor | HPMKT

The featured participants are doing something different this year and doing a virtual room featuring products from High Point Market, which is also happening next week and I’m missing out on AGAIN. With Covid and this silly house thing I have going on, it’s just not my time to go to North Carolina and I’m okay with that, but I will be stalking my friends’ pics for the cool stuff.

Click to see the other Guest Posts!
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Look who’s sponsoring the ORC!

Wish me luck! I need it. Any kind words in the comments are also appreciated. Here we go!


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Do I think you’re crazy?? Yes. But no worries, you always work best under pressure, right?? Can’t wait to follow the progress!

Deborah Top-Newell

Sounds like a really fun project! Best of Luck!!


Your a very fun kind of crazy! Thrilled you brought it to New England Christine! One of the houses we lived in when I was growing up – my mom never saw before moving in. It happens!

Susannah Watts

I really really really really want you to use that red/coral wallpaper. PLEASE!!! Can’t wait to see it!

Deborah Main

Oh I’m so excited for you!! You’ve got to video your first reaction when you get inside the house!! Oh, I know this is gonna be great….because it’s YOU!! You make everything fun and great. You’ve got this!!

Janet Lorusso

Yes, you are nuts, but if anyone can pull this off it is you! Go ninja go! Looking forward to following progress – I’m also already behind and I have not nearly as good an excuse LOL!


Good luck it will be fabulous and fun! Can’t wait to follow along.

Linda Holt

I’m rooting for you and at the same time nervous for you. You are much braver than me. If anyone can do it though, you can.

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