One Room Challenge Week Three: Project Shut The Front Door

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Ready for some sneak peeks of what is coming into my One Room Challenge? Wait, do you know the One Room Challenge is?

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Do you know what Project Shut The Front Door is? Stop right now and go back to Week One! I’ll wait…

Okay, all caught up? NOW are you ready for some sneak peeks? I don’t know if I’m even ready yet. Week Three wasn’t as full of momentum as I was hoping for, but I am happy with some of the progress. Pray Week Four is at full speed. Pray some more. Thanks.

You saw in Week Two that we closed up the hole in the wall and you got to see the wallpaper options. I asked people to guess which one I chose. Here’s the verdict:

My apologies, no split screen video this week. Did you like that experiment? Should I make another one?

Also, sorry (not sorry), the one I chose was NOT the crowd favorite, and that is 100% fine by me. You want to know why? Because I’m not into doing what

the crowd wanted (remember what I said about the shiplap were it doesn’t belong?) I’m into doing what the crowd didn’t even know they wanted! The blue one got the most likes, and I do LOVE it. In the end, I chose the pewter one. The idea of keeping the permanent parts of the room (like the walls) a little more neutral allows it to work with the other rooms that branch off from it. It will allow the homeowner to change out things in the room on a whim, or will work with any new changes to the adjoining rooms. It is a little richer in tone, has a lot of depth and texture, but doesn’t overpower.

wallpaper, one room challenge, better homes and gardens, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc, Home Love Network, Brewster Wallcoverings

I could not wait to see it on the walls. Neither could these two.


Just kidding. Before I show you a couple sneak peeks of what else is coming, let’s talk about the progress we’ve made. There is a little bit happening.

progress pics, one room challenge, better homes and gardens, home love network, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc, #designninja, foyer, before and after
Remember the wonky window wall? Bu-bye. Now you can see that soffit I was talking about.
A before shot of the door, which was stained brown. I wasn’t loving the white stripe effect between the sidelights and the door.

OMG that boobie light in that last picture. LOL. I can’t wait until that is officially gone.

One Room Challenge, Better Homes and Gardens, Home Love Network, before and after, makeover, foyer, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc, #designninja
This is when I start to get excited.

If you look closely, you’ll see the ceiling is not white. Why are people still freaking out over this? Please let me help you let go of your fears.

I actually chose a color I’ve used before. Go ahead and have a look see. BTW what is up with that term, “look see”? Someone please explain that to me.

dining room, wallpaper, chandelier, painted ceiling, crypton, purple, one room challenge, better homes and gardens, home love network, #designninja, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc
The same color on the ceiling in my Penwood Project. Click the image to see more of this one.

It’s the same color, but let me tell you, it’s going to look completely unique in this house.

This is why people should stop asking friends, family, and strangers on the internet what color they used and hire a professional to select colors that work perfectly for their own home. (I know someone.)


I am replacing the light by the stairs with something different. Here are some of the ideas I had, so this counts as one of the sneak peeks, right? Which one do you think I picked?

You will have to wait until next week to see which one I chose. I will give you a hint, while it is one of the above, the color is not the same as the image shown.

Some of the images in my post include affiliate links. That means you can click to shop and if you buy something from that click, I may make a commission. It costs you nothing extra, but every little bit helps my blog stay alive, so thanks in advance!

So which one do you think it is? Let me know in the comments! There is also a fun light coming into the main part of the room, but that will also have to wait until I can’t wait anymore. Trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you. It arrived on Saturday, and I am giddy.


What I can show you are some ideas I had for the floor. I wanted something with a pattern. It IS in the foyer after all, a high traffic area. A pattern will help hide the unavoidable dirt that will come through here. 

Instead of putting the color on the walls, I decided to put it on the floor. I selected something with a lot of variation.

one room challenge, sneak peeks, rug, wallpaper, better homes and gardens, #designninja, makeover, foyer
You can see the wallpaper and the rug together, sort of. I propped open the book and you only get a snippet of the rug. Yeah, I’m kind of evil like that. At least you get a better idea of the scale of them. If you go back to the opening photo, you can see more of the rug, since I changed my mind and just added that pic late at night right before publishing this post so you get a BONUS sneak peek.

Since there are two adults, two kids (with a lot of visiting friends) and two dogs, I figured I should just get two rugs! Yeah, BOTH of these are in the plan of this room.

I don’t know why my boots look like they are two different colors. Weird!

I know, crazy, right? Not really. But you’ll have to wait to see how it all pans out. As I have said somewhere, oh yeah, on Insta, I am not really reinventing the wheel, but it’s like I’m just adding some shiny new rims. Or giving it a tune-up. Or… hold on while I think of another car analogy… nah, forget it. You get the idea.

Ok, I am going to give you another nugget, since I posted this on Instagram earlier today. First, if you scroll back up, you’ll see that the railings and door were gray. Well, in Week One they were stained wood! Now here’s a glimpse of the “new”.

sneak peek, one room challenge, foyer, better homes and gardens, #designninja, wallpaper, black railing, staircase, banister, front door


I can’t give you too many sneak peeks because I’m also trying to surprise the homeowner and don’t want to give it all away. Now that the wallpaper is up and the lighting is going up by the end of the week, I can think about starting to bring in the furniture. After that, we are heading into the home stretch with hanging art and layering in the accessories. That sounds so EASY, right? (Eyes are rolling over here.) I’ve started gathering some things that I might use, and my dining room table is covered end to end!

one room challenge, better homes and gardens, home love network, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc, #designninja, instagram, accessories, design books, Jay Jeffers, Foraged Flora

I may try to address few extra things on the outside of #projectshutthefrontdoor, like the dining room side of the wonky window wall and adding a new chandelier in there. If you follow me on Instagram, you might get a few extra sneak peeks before Week Four’s official post. You should also check out the amazing progress of all the other One Room Challenge Participants. Those 20 Featured Designers are doing some amazing things. So are the Guest Participants, two of which will be chosen by Better Homes and Gardens to be one of the 20 Featured Participants. With hundreds to chose from, I wonder how (and who) they select just two!


one room challenge, project shut the front door, better homes and gardens, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc, #homelovenetwork, @oneroomchallenge, @bhg, @homelovenetwork
I’m a first timer!


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You have such great taste and I’m so excited for the home owner!!!

Lenora DeMars

All of these sneak peeks are killing me! I want to be in the know. But then again the surprise at the end will be something to look forward too. Can’t wait!


Looking good! Can’t wait to see it all Come together!


Love what I’m seeing so far! And I don’t know why people get hung up on ceilings being white. I love when they aren’t white.

Darla Powell

Do do do do do! Here’s the wallpaper. And..the cutest opening pic ever!


Love the look of mixing rugs; when they match but don’t match. Brings a whole other layer of texture, color, visual interest to stained, wood flooring. Looking forward to the rug reveal the most!


Good morning, Christine!

You are totally rocking this challenge! I love the wallpaper and the way it echoes the pattern in the sidelights on the !

In addition, painting the ceiling was a stoke of design genius as it will make the foyer read as one envelope of visual harmony when it’s all done.

Lastly, thanks for a great smile…you DO have such an engaging writing style!


Perfect selection for the wallpaper! I can’t wait to see how those rugs are going to look in the space….so gorgeous! You’re totally rockin this challenge. I kinda feel like I should be doing something in my room today but I’m still to tired from HP market to move.

Janet Lorusso

Love the wallpaper and the painted door and rail ! Totally striking! And those puppies…too cute!
Looking forward to seeing it all together!

Linda Merrill

Loving the rug/wallpaper combo! This is going to be a gorgeous space!


Looking great! Can’t wait to see the end result, this is fun!

Carla Aston

Love that wallpaper! Rug is gorgeous too! Looks like you are making progress!

Elizabeth Scruggs

FINALLY getting to sit down for a minute with my cup of coffee and read this!
So here are a few immediate thoughts:
• you are an incredibly gifted designer (of course I knew this already, but I feel it bears repeating!)
• I’m beside myself to send the complete room!!
• aside from being a gifted designer, you are an engaging writer as well and you make my laugh out loud 🙂
• that wallpaper and rug combo makes me SWOON!
• I’m amazed at what you’ve accomplished in this space in such a short period of time!
• I’m so happy your my friend ♥


Love love the wallpaper!!! And the rug! And most importantly- love them together!! And why are you wearing boots??? It is 87 degreees today!

Linda Holt

Looking great! Love the wallpaper and painting that brown stained door gray made such a difference. Looking forward to week four! Can I borrow those pups for my reveal?

Linda Holt

It’s looking great! I love the wallpaper and painting that brown stained door made such a difference. Excited to see week four!

Christine Fusco

The wallpaper is amazing ! I can’t wait to see everything together! Looking forward to seeing the chandeliers too. You know I definitely need one!


It’s hard to wait!! The progress is beautiful and makes two weeks seem like forever. Anxious for next weeks sneak peeks!

Suzanne Tencellent

I absolutely love what you have done with the room so far. I know the homeowners, the room and even the dogs, and I can’t wait to see the room I. Person! So fun and exciting!

Erin Burke

Oh my gosh, where is that beautiful rug from??? The one with the puppy on it 😉 So so pretty – the colors and pattern are insane. Love it.

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