One Room Challenge Week Two: Project Shut The Front Door

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Well, here we are, only 4 weeks to go in the One Room Challenge: Project Shut The Front Door. AHGHGH. If you missed last week’s post, you can catch up on all of it HERE.

You can also check out all of last week’s One Room Challenge participants. So many great things happening this season.

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The Featured Designers

It’s pretty cool that Better Homes and Gardens is going to select a couple of us Guest Participants to be featured next season, don’t you think?

one room challenge, project shut the front door, better homes and gardens, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc, #homelovenetwork, @oneroomchallenge, @bhg, @homelovenetwork
All the Guest Participant Week 2 posts will be added here. Click image to see if you can find mine in the mix, if you’re not too distracted by all of the other fun rooms!

Before we get started, those are my client’s dogs. Aren’t they the cutest? They look THRILLED about this makeover.

OK, ready to dive into Week Two of Project Shut The Front Door with me? Here’s where I left you last week. We have to make the best of this wall that is in between the foyer and the dining room.

I ran through options with the client:

  1. french doors (like in Week One’s post)
  2. eliminating the small doorway and the window and add a single, large doorway
  3. closing up the window
  4. just leaving it and working around it

After we talked it through, we were going with the last (and my least favorite) option. Imagine my surprise when she texted me after thinking about it overnight? She said, “let’s do it, let’s close up the window”. YESSS. It’s not the favorite option, but it will give us enough of an improvement for not too much of a financial investment. I think the client’s family will still like it.

I know, I know, everyone loves “open concept” everything, why am I closing it up? The dining room isn’t a favorite place in this house, and we don’t need a pass through window into the foyer. If it were into a kitchen, it might make more sense, but that’s not what we are working with here. If I started before the floors were done, I might have had more options.


I wasted no time (because there’s no time to waste) and got someone in there ASAP to do the work of closing it up.

One Room Challenge, Better Homes and Gardens, #oneroomchallenge, #bhgorc, #homelovenetwork

I don’t think I have OCD but these wonky openings into the dining room mess with my brain.

Another view of this space. She did ask me to change out that chandelier. I might squeeze that into the 6 weeks.

Of course, now we have to paint the dining room side, which wasn’t part of the plan! The snowball is starting…

And, just like on those shows you all love to watch that fool you all into thinking things get done in one hour, TA-DA! Here’s our Project Shut The Front Door instant makeover!

I recommended that we at least frame the doorway, since all the other openings in the room are trimmed out. Even though it’s not painted here, doesn’t it already look better?


Well, we have to cover up that patched sheetrock, don’t we? Paint selections can make a world of difference.

Not much has changed but for the new wall color. Do you think it made a difference?

We will probably just paint the dining room side for now, but for the #projectshutthefrontdoor side we can do a little better. We are going to install some wallpaper! Remember from Week One when I said I have to keep my plan connected to the other rooms that are all pretty neutral? But that I wanted to have a little personality? Don’t you agree that wallpaper would work better than flat paint?

I searched for a fairly good sized pattern but wanted to keep the colors on the softer side. I wanted what I call a “relaxed graphic” look, not sharp horizontal or vertical lines. Does that make sense? No floral because I wanted to balance out the masculine and feminine pieces of the puzzle (not that I don’t love florals, check out floral wallpaper I used HERE).

I also wanted to use a pattern I haven’t really seen too much, since the internet is overloaded with a lot of repetition. I could go on and on about how people can be like sheep and just copy Pinterest, but a good designer will create a space uniquely yours that will outlast a trend (hello, shiplap in places that wouldn’t naturally have shiplap, I’m talking about you). And of course, it has to fit into the budget. There are so many beautiful papers out there to choose from but I narrowed it down to three patterns, in almost all the colors they come in.

Do you also think Navy and Black could be neutrals?

While I’m staring at this I realize that the wallpapers might seem kind of boring all by themselves. Which is why I don’t usually show clients just ONE THING. But I don’t want to show all of YOU everything yet… dun dun DUHHH! Try saying those last three “words” out loud using for each part: medium, low, and then high pitch and I think it makes sense. Did you do it? I’m losing my mind, I know.


After sweating out delayed wallpaper sample deliveries (damn you, Hurricane Florence!), I did pick one of the above and I ordered it this week. Once the wallpaper arrives, Project Shut The Front Door will be moving full steam ahead. It kind of has to, since we will only have 3 weeks left! OMG. Why do I stress myself out like that? Come back next week to see which wallpaper we chose AND the reveal of some of the other things I have selected for the room! Next week will have a lot of goodies. I hope. Because after the contractor was done closing up that wall, we have done NOTHING all week. Not stressed. Not stressed. Not stressed…

Ha! It’s so bad that I am including the video I made this week (to share elsewhere), which tells you read this blog post you’re reading right now. That makes no sense but WHATEVER. If you want to chuckle, click that link below.

I’m experimenting, so bear with me. I know the sound needs adjusting. Well, a lot probably does, but I had fun trying it out. I don’t have the skills that Candis and Andy from Home Love Network do, but maybe they’ll come by and check out Project Shut The Front Door and make us look better over here.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to tell me which wallpaper you think I am going to use in the comments. And follow me over on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t make me beg.



Are you thinking about adding wallpaper to a room in your house? Here are some terrific options below. Some are temporary wallpapers, which are great for you commitment phobes. I know you’re out there. You could also hire me to help you get over your fears.

**You know the drill: If you click through AND make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Every little bit helps keep this blog going, so I appreciate it!**

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Nicole D

Love the video you included!

Nicole DelaCruz

Love that you included the video!! Great post and can’t wait for the reveal!


Love that you included the video!! Great post and can’t wait for the reveal!

Lenora DeMars

I totally get it! When a week goes by and a project feels like it’s at a standstill it can be nerve-wracking. But I have full confidence you’re going to NAIL IT! I love all of your choices for the wallpaper selections. My fav is the bottom left options. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

Lora Frost

I love that you closed up the window, I personally find them to be awkward! Hope that wallpaper arrives on time!

Erika Taylor

Closing the wall made a big difference. I agree too many openings into one space drives my crazy, too! Looking good so far. I can’t wait to see the reveal of the finished space.


It looks so much better with the wall closed up and I love the wallpaper options. They all look good. You were great on video, too!

Julie Lampe

Love the wall paper options! Cannot wait to see which you choose!


The weeks are spending by, it’s crazy. your’e doing great and I’m so glad that hole in the wall thing is gone. Much better.
I adore the wallpapers, always hard to pick one with so can’t wait to see which you got for.

Darla Powell

The client’s dogs are adorable. Thank goodness you closed that window thingie.


Wow! I can’t wait to see the funishwd space. Love all the wallpaper options. Great blog!


I’m SOOOO glad they opted to at least close up that window! The wallpaper will be a great addition – looking forward to seeing what you choose!

I am loving all the wallpaper options. I would have a hard time choosing too. Staying tuned for more from project shut the front door

Lori Evans

Love these wallpaper images. Looking forward to following long in the ORC.


looking good! keep up the good work!

Sabine Hayes

“Hello shiplap in places you wouldn’t normally see shiplap” LOL. Great post! I agree, closing that opening made a big difference. Love the wallpaper pattern options. Can’t wait to see the remaining progress 🙂

Elizabeth Scruggs

LOVE your video!!
Can’t wait to see which paper you went with…I’m gonna take a guess and go with the pattern on the top left??
and YES! I totally think black and blue are neutrals!!
Love watching you and this process- I know it’s gonna be amazing!!!
and closing the door/ casing that doorway already makes a WORLD of difference!!!


I’m thinking you’ll go with the bottom blue one….plus that’s my fave.

Linda Holt

Closing that pass through made a world of difference. I love all the wallpaper samples. This is going to be sooo good!


I’m picking the bottom blue.


Navy and black are definitely neutrals! Ones on right look like floor tile to me so I wouldn’t pick them. I love the navy on bottom! Oh and paint the ceiling a color like you always do!


I love the top right and bottom navy but you know I love navy! It will look fab bc you are the best!! Hope to see u soon!!


Go Bold! Love the first one and the blue palm leaves. Can’t wait to see what you picked!!

Sheri Bruneau

I love navy and black. I think those are timeless choices that will last for years! The top right wallpaper is the first one that caught my eye!

How one week can fly by so quickly is crazy! Here’s to a productive third week!

Lori Carpenter

Wow! Tough decision on wallpaper? They all look great! Can’t wait to see your choice! Great work!!

Tara Kali

As far as I’m concerned navy and black are the new neutrals. And they are my favorite!!! I can’t wait to see you make this space ridiculously beautiful while also making it “work” for the family. …it’s what you do and you do it (very, very) well.


I love all the wallpaper. The black and white pattern may be my favorite but I also like the blue , oh and the top right paper…. I haven’t a guess I guess. Great video, those earrings!!


Omg, I am in the same boat. This week flew by and I’m kind of in a holding pattern until things are delivered Can we safely say the masses of sheeple are finally over shiplap???

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