Peacocks and Velvet

This bench is finally done! This is not the room it will be in, but it looks pretty good with the other things in the room. I love how luxe the velvet is, and I wanted to try to capture it, but you can never really get it to look as good on camera.
This is what it used to look like:

The “before” bench was worn and not comfortable.  New padding and webbing and all good upholstery touches and now it’s really comfortable and adds some color to the monochromatic room.  Other things are coming in to add some punch to this room, which also has a new wall color.  I can’t wait to show you!  It’s not read yet, but you might remember the peacock pillow- that is in here now.

Loving the added color, aren’t you?
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Decor Addict

I love the colors in peacock feathers, I'm actually thinking of incorporating these shades into a living room at the moment, but I'm wavering on changing it, as when pulled together it's kind of dreary and depressing, need to find a way to cheer it up a bit!

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