It all started with the desire to get rid of the beige paint. Once the walls were painted, the perspective changed. The realization that everything was beige, and getting worn out and tired, spurred the homeowners to take the plunge and get some things they have always liked but never thought they were ready to have. Suddenly they were ready.

We went slowly, starting with a cut-to-size wool and silk area rug, as well as new custom drapes and hardware. These have to close at night which means they are about 12′ wide, so that was a LOT of fabric. To keep the cost down, a solid silvery fabric that was a great price became the base, with the more expensive fabric decorating the leading edge.

A new gi-gundo leather tufted sectional (a MUST HAVE for the man of the house), a super soft and swanky tufted silver velvet ottoman, and an awesome custom swivel chair in a thick Nate Berkus fabric, as well as an entertainment center, lamps and accessories slowly made their way into the room.

So, good bye beige…


And hello to new, more grown up living room.


IMG_7111 2


Next will be to bring in some artwork and photos for the walls, but I think the homeowners are pretty happy with how it looks so far.



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