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Facebook keeps sending me all these “memories” of things that happened “on this day”. Sometimes it’s sad, like pictures of my dog, Oreo, who died 2 years ago. Sometimes it’s cute, like when the kids were little and had super crooked toothed grins. Other times it’s stuff like this…this was exactly 4 years ago?? Thinking about this, I’m simultaneously cringing at the way I looked and what I said, and grinning at the experience.

Sending an audience member on $150 decorating challenge in the streets of NYC! Gave her new wheels to get around…

Posted by Nate Berkus on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I was on my way to the Nate Berkus studio.


All excited and nervous, and I was fresh and clean and smelled good. But then…


I had them put my hair up because I started feeling hot. I’m trying to not sweat…


While I was waiting for my “spot”, I started to get hotter.


It became an unseasonably hot day in October. Like in the 80’s hot. Like you could be naked and still sweating while not even moving hot. And humid. Like the words damp and moist don’t even begin to describe what was happening. And you can see I’m wearing a freaking velvet blazer and scarf and jeans and boots, which not only makes me sweaty and gross, but adds POUNDS on camera. And then I had to move. A LOT.

This poor guy had to mic me, and un-mic me after I was running all around. Poor guy.


That, and the whole dry mouth thing that happened when Nate looked at me… Man, I was a mess. Thankfully I don’t have the footage of when I was running down the street near Columbus Circle with sweat literally running down my neck.

(What the hell is wrong with me???)

There were 4 of us jammed into the little clown car, along with a GIANT camera. Which was in my face most of the time. This was when we were just starting, and someone actually drove the car for me at first, because LIABILITY. ha. Did I mention it was HOT that day? It was literally in the 50’s a few days before, WTF.


I know there’s a photo somewhere of me later on in the show, after I’ve come back with my accessories to finish the space, where I do the whole Elaine move and yell “SHUT UP” at Nate. I’m way bigger than him, that could have hurt him. I wish I had that photo. Instead I have this.


And then Nate Berkus paid me for sweating all over the studio with all the stuff I bought for him AND a new car.

340143_10150603281170757_1092137671_o 406625_10150603371070757_1663083263_n

Which I got to literally build from scratch, so it doesn’t look at all like the car in these photos. Well, it looks exactly like that car, because it’s still a Fiat 500 Sport, but it’s different. Anyway.

So that happened on this day, 4 years ago. (But it didn’t air for a couple of months!)


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