Sleeping in on Saturdays

Yeah, a lot of you are get up and at ’em types. I see you while I lounge around in my PJ’s, drinking my coffee and staring out the window. In our house, Saturday mornings are meant for sleeping in. Especially for my husband as he’s living on a west coast work schedule while being here with us on the east coast for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Someone else who loves sleeping in…

via @ozzimusprime

Speaking of my husband, the guy has been traveling so much for work that he has just been living out of hotel rooms for several months. So while he might be happy to be home in his own bed, I have hotel rooms on the brain.

So many places to go and things to see in this world, but we all need a place to stay when we get there. The problem is that with rooms like this, I don’t think I would see much outside of them. I would want to stay in all day and soak up all the luxuries they have to offer.

We were just in South Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago and went past this place. I had no idea that it looked like this inside. The way this room is positioned, it would have stunning sunrise as well as sunset views. Imagine coming back to this after skiing at Heavenly all day? Not me, because I would’ve been in here all day.

The Landing at South Lake Tahoe

Ah, Boston. One of our favorite cities. We are diehard New Englanders no matter where we live! We’ve stayed at Kimpton Hotels in other cities, but I wouldn’t mind checking this one out next time I stay in Boston. Look at that view.  I would probably stay under the covers and watch The Town, maybe venture over to Little Italy for food. Maybe.

The Kimpton Nine Zero in Boston

I feel like wherever I live I attach myself to the closest big city. NYC has been my city for almost 20 years now. Granted I have to find a new city to connect to when we move, but my oldest daughter has started her own roots so I know I will be back to visit a lot. I suppose that I could stay across the East River and have the best city views to stare at. Long Island City has some of the most gorgeous views of Manhattan you will ever see. Probably one reason my daughter chose to live there (besides the expense).

Boro Hotel

Of course, there are also terrific views from Brooklyn. We stayed at 1Hotel near Columbus Circle last year, and I discovered they have this one over in Brooklyn, with better views. They have an earthy vibe, lots of rustic wood and pine scents to counter that cement and glass city outside.

1Hotel Brooklyn

One of my good friends travels to London a lot for work. I don’t know where she stays but if I had to pick a place, this might be it. I think this is perfect for one person because whatever you got going on in the bathroom isn’t going to bother anyone on the other side of that wall, know what I’m saying? The soaring ceilings, the moody lighting, the bountiful pillows, and huge windows overlooking who knows what (but who cares, really)… Definitely can imagine sleeping late in here.

A Chambers Suite at St Pancras in London

While hubs and friends have traveled to Asia for work, I’ve never been. I imagine Singapore to be so busy and bustling. And classy. And this hotel doesn’t disappoint my imagination. I mean, it IS a St Regis, after all. I could stay in any one of their hotels around the world without doing any research and know it will be INCREDIBLE.

St Regis Singapore

And if that wasn’t luxurious enough, we have this redonk place. I don’t even know where Laucala Island is, but this suite is $40,000 a night. Yeah, that’s what I said.

Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accomodations on Laucala Island via the coolist

Kind of makes this place in the Turks and Caicos look like a Holiday Inn at $34000 a night.

Amanyara Villa via the coolist


Just like your home, a hotel should make you feel good, and feel special. Do you sleep better when you saved money but had creep voices and shadows outside your door, itchy sheets, and no hot water? No! You want to be able to relax and drift off, it’s already hard enough with time changes and travel stress. So enjoy- or fantasize about it like I am this morning.

Sigh… oh wait. OMG it’s now it’s after noon! I probably should get dressed.

Have you enjoyed your hotel stays? Where did you stay?


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